The Regional Rural Banks were established “with a view to developing the rural economy by providing

The Regional Rural Banks were established “with a view to developing the rural economy by providing, for
the purpose of development of agriculture, trade, commerce, industry and other productive activities in the
rural areas, credit and other facilities, particularly to small and marginal farmers, agricultural labourers,
artisans, and small entrepreneurs and for matters connected there with and incidental thereto”. The
necessity of rural finance was felt to provide protection & reliance to rural people who rely highly on
informal source of finance like moneylenders, landlords & traders etc. but they exploit farmers and small
entrepreneurs by charging exorbitant rate of interest & force farmers to sell their product at low price to
them. Rural people also face the risk of unpredictable production of crops due to high dependency on
monsoon. The problems of finance suffer from lack of seeds, fertilizers, water supply and other facilities
which lead to rural ineptness. Rural bank are providing finance to the weaker sections of society like small
farmers, rural artisans, small producers, rural labourers etc, to provide finance to cooperative societies,
primary credit societies, Agricultural marketing societies, Enhance & Improve banking facilities to semi
urban, rural& other untapped market. The Regional Rural Banks help the rural people to come out from the
financial problems and secured the financial assistance to agriculture in India. The study concentrated on
Telangana Grameena Bank is of utmost importance in Telangana state to provide financial support to
agriculture and performance of the bank in various Identified potential areas. This bank focused on the
Continuous Rural Development, reaching the uncovered and being farmer friendly.