The secure environment for rising markets to emerge.

The growth of emerging markets has a crucial role in the development of economics in the past two decades. Emerging markets provide opportunities for new business to enter, therefore, increasing the demands for brand new goods and becoming a part of a growth infrastructure. Turkey emerged as one of the top investment destinations for foreign investors with the contribution of an established political system, enrichment in tax system, a well-protected and secure investment environment, and a growing market in 2014. Currently not enough actions have been taken regarding the issue, so we encourage the nations to contribute in the emergence of markets, as that will help not only economically, but it will also provide business opportunities. Investments in these markets are fundamental, for the market itself and the country taking an advantage of the incomes from these emerging markets. Urging nations to provide a secure environment for rising markets to emerge. Richard Gibson, who is a Head of Transaction Banking Europe once said ” The need to manage the risk on a proactive basis in emerging markets is a new phenomenon for many companies” Turkey believes that potential of labour markets will help improve and support the growth of economy as the positive development of these markets are important, in addition, the development of labour markets can be strengthened by the government. Also, the government reforms such as the R&D incentive program providing tax breaks, loans , and supporting firms competing higher up the value chain. Infrastructure sectors, privatization of energy, and utility would boost efficiencies and increase productivity. Focusing on exports instead of imports is another aspect that would help reducing the persistence current account deficit, and the decrease of inflation rate. By Improving competitiveness with other countries, transport infrastructure , legal framework, and tax collection efficiency are major to the government agenda since such reforms lead to a sustainable growth.


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