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The education Reform Act 1988 broughtwith it a statutory curriculum which must include a broad and balanced curriculum. Cross curricular work actsas a ‘curriculum unifier’; it provides a way of ‘overlapping’ differentsubjects or areas of experience, providing a common focus for study. Craft(2005) remarked ‘Pupils do not distinguish between subjects, but rather learnthrough their interest in the context.’ suggesting that although the overlapping of lessons can be considered ahindrance to children’s learning of a particular topic children do notnecessarily establish a divide between the two and instead they automaticallyintegrate the mixture of lessons to support their learning.  The new Primary National Strategy (DFES, 2003)suggests a relaxation of prescription, increased teacher autonomy on curriculumcontent and pedagogy, and the restoration of a broad and balanced curriculum,which allows teachers to have an element of flexibility to teaching.

Turner -Bisset noticed an important distinction needs to be made between integrationthat brings together quite different subjects which none the less have somecharacteristics in common with other subjects and non differentiation which isa way of thinking about subjects that does not admit their separate identitieswhich allows teachers to demonstrate creativity when teaching however despiteteaching creatively it does not necessarily mean that children are learningcreatively. Therefore Grainger, T. and Barnes, J. (2006) suggest teachersshould ‘create the conditions in which the creativity of others can flourish.

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Creative teachers also make use of their own creativity, not just to interestand engage the learners, but also to promote new thinking and learning.’ Sothrough creative means and approaches this will enable them to offer thechildren a scaffolding process and develop emotional and intellectual growth. In conclusion, when reflecting on my ownsubject knowledge, in terms of this unit of work, I feel confident aboutteaching evacuation. Moreover, based on the research, I have conclude that whencreating a cross-curricular medium term plan, it is important to consider keyaspects such as; differentiation, progression, classroom management,assessment, resources and keeping the children engaged in the learning.Additionally, the links between the subjects in a cross-curricular MTP need tobe relevant and significant. Rowley and Cooper (2010) suggest thatcross-curricular learning can provide opportunities for scope and breadth thatare arguably not possible through single-subject lessons.

This highlights thatthe links made between the subjects can create a deep learning environmentwhich covers a large range of content to be learned. In terms of the MTP, whenteaching the sequence of lessons the emphasis will be on assessment forlearning and to ensure that the children areprogressing whilst engaging in their learning. In addition, it is important tonote that the plan is open to adaptation depending on how each lessonprogresses in terms of the children’s abilities.



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