The radiation? Dangers of Nuclear Power and RadiationLarge

The Danger of Nuclear Power and Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North AmericaBy: Ankita, Samantha, Surabiha, & YoungHistory of Nuclear Power (Surabiha)Research initially began in Europe and transcended its way down to the USA and UK11% of US population began using nuclear energy? Influential scientists (1789) Discovery of Uranium? Martin Klaproth(1896) Discovered Radium?Marie Curie & Pierre Curie(1902) Expansion on Radioactivity? Ernest RutherfordLaws Promoting It (Surabiha)? The AEC (Atomic Energy Commission)? Passed the Atomic Energy Act (1946)? The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission):Focused on low levels of radiation in workplaces? raised concerns (on health & safety)? Result? concerns grew about countries/terrorist groups obtaining these nuclear weapons The Dangers of Nuclear Power on Humans and Earth (Samantha)Nuclear bombs and reactors use uranium & plutonium to make energy, along with radiation? Dangers of Nuclear Power and RadiationLarge amounts of radiation can lead/cause several health issues like higher rates of cancer, damage body cells, radiation sickness, and water pollutionNuclear power also leads to a buildup of nuclear waste, which can accumulate overtimeWhy People Wanted to Invest in it/Believed it was Good and Contreverty (Samantha)? Pros:Does not burn any fossil fuels? uranium and/or plutonium undergo fissionReliable & has a long life? constantly generates energy and reactors can last a long timeReleases fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? Cons:Exposure to large quantities of radiation is dangerous for human’s health Radioactive waste & can create deadly weaponsNuclear reactors are easy targets for terroristIncidents that Occurred Around the 1980s (Surabiha) Three Mile Island Accident? Occurred in March of 1979 (location: Pennsylvania) Involved an overheated section of a pipe which melted the core of a nuclear plantCaused controversy on the basis of nuclear energy and the effects of radiation U.S & Soviet Union? tensions rising between both countries that had a hold of nuclear weaponsCause? related to a so called “miscalculation/interpretation”  Soviet spies payed attention to any signs of war preparations in the US                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Connection to the Book (Samantha)? The decline in birth rates was due to nuclear reactor incidents and nuclear wars? In the 1980s there was a lot of nuclear waste, and in the novel they had the same issue? There were a few nuclear incidents in the 1980s and Gilead occurs after radiation leaks What is Environmental Degradation? (Ankita)? decline of the environment through consumption of resources like water and air. Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North America (Young)? North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Canada, the United States, Mexico? broke the original ecological stability and biodiversity Over-exploitation of energy and mineral resources ? Mexico’s energy and mineral sources? massive exploitation of fossil fuels, natural gas and mineral sources.Water pollution ? United States ? industrial development rapidly, and new materials, invented and widely used ? Ninety percent of waters in America was subjected different levels of pollution.Air pollution and car exhaust pollution ? Mexico City ? Basin, the altitude is 2,300m ? Cars and industries’ chimneys produced 1,200 tons of pollutants every dayCauses and Effects (Ankita)? The causes of environmental degradation can include:Disturbance of Land ? using land to build structures such as shopping malls & housing Pollution ? causes health problems and damages the landOverpopulation ? as the population grows, more resources are consumed Landfills ? pollutes the environment through tremendous amounts of waste Deforestation ? clearing of trees for man made structures which can cause urbanizationNatural causes ? storms, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and avalanche? The effects of environmental degradation can include:Affects the Health of Humans ? pollution impacts humans and increases mortality ratesDecrease of Biodiversity ? needed to balance ecosystem and can be caused by pollutionReduction of the Ozone Layer ? harmful gases cause the ozone layer to release radiationDecrease in Tourism, Poverty ? affects those dependant on tourists/crops for incomeImpact on the Economy ? can be very expensive to recover from such devestationsDangers of Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North America (Young)Human health? Felt painful of eyes and throats, the diseases of respiratory organs and skin, deathNatural diseases? Desertification, drought, forests was destroyedExtinct species ? Animals, plantsWhat was Done to Reduce Environmental Degradation? (Ankita)1980: Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act1981: The Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain1984: The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Amendments1985: North American Waterfowl Management Plan1986: Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments 1986: Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization ActEnvironmental Justice MovementHow is Environmental Degradation Incorporated in The Handmaid’s Tale? (Young)? a world that air filled with chemicals, rays, radiations, toxic molecules in water? harmful elements affected human health ? Not only the environment would be effect but also the humans


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