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The National Government and State Governments have a complicatedrelationship in that they share powers but the national government has thefinal say but state governments can choose to act differently then the NationalGovernment as long as it doesn’t contradict the United States constitution. Thestate government has a list of powers and the national government has a list ofpowers but then they also have a list together of the shared powers. For example,the state government has the power to Establish local governments can issue licensesof any kind (marriages, hunting, CHL, ect.), regulate intrastate commerce, conductelections, ratify amendments to the U.S.

Constitution, and provide for publichealth and safety. While the National Government is in charge of printing money,declaring war, establish an army and navy, enter into treaties with foreigngovernments, establish post offices and issue postage, make laws necessary toenforce the Constitution. While the national government may sound a lot morepowerful the state government is the one power that is directly affecting yourday to day life while the national government only governs the entire nationand hopes for the best which usually ends up with laws that only help the onesmaking them. Their relationship really begins with their shared powers thoughthat consist of, setting up courts through the country’s dual court system,creating and collecting taxes, building highways, borrowing money, making andenforcing laws, chartering banks and corporations, and spending money for thebetterment of the general welfare. When the shared powers are revealed it shutsdown anyone’s argument of “the state and federal government aren’t reallyrelated its just ones bigger and ones smaller” because all of the powers thatare shared between the both of them are some of the most important powers thatwe can see the easiest. Highways and Taxes are dramatically more significantthan issuing licenses or entering treaties with foreign government especiallyhen those problems aren’t very relevant right now. The relationship in sharedpower is one of justice.

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When you get further into the relationship you can seethat one can’t do something without the other ones help for example amendingthe constitution cant be done by one or the other it is quite a difficult process.It is a hard path for either side to propose an amendment to the constitution.There must be a bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and the UnitedStates Senate by a two thirds margin.

Then if the bill comes to fruitionand gets passed it must be approved by 3/4 of the states’ legislatures. Withoutthat rule the federal government would have the decision to propose amendmentsby themselves. States have a much harder journey to propose amendments. First twothirds of the states have to rally together to call upon a constitutionalconvention.

Then once the amendment has been proposed at the constitutionalconvention it must get approved upon three fourths of the states legislaturesor conventions. 


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