The XXXVII, played at Qualcomm Stadium, led to

The year of 2003, a year of unrest, brought one conflict after another between countries and different ethnic groups. A war between Iraq and the United States began and ended all in a short period of time. Besides the unrest, the year brought famous films, space exploration, and sports history. In 2003 Super Bowl XXXVII, played at Qualcomm Stadium, led to the victory of the Tampa Florida Buccaneers. The Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders 48-21 (2003). Tampa Bay’s Dexter Jackson became the MVP with two interceptions. In the men’s  NCAA basketball  tournament, number one at the time, Syracuse beat Kansas in a close game. Soon after that Connecticut beats Tennessee in the women’s NCAA college basketball tournament with a close score of 73-68 (Historical Events). In the NBA Finals the Los Angeles Spurs beat the New Jersey Nets, this would be the second year that they had lost in the playoffs (2003).Many harmful events occurred during the year of 2003. Weather disasters included a humongous earthquakes in  Mexico, Iran, Algeria, and, Japan (2003). Also, an Australian bushfire left 500 people without a home(Historical Events). Conflicts between Hamas and Israeli citizens lead to many terrorist attacks. The conflict led to twenty-three Israeli citizens being killed by a Hamas suicide bomb on a tour bus (Historical Events). In 2003 the United States, Britain, Australia, and Poland, invaded Iraq without United Nations Permission (2003). This invasion led to the Iraq War lasting from March 20th to May 1st. In addition, the US space shuttle Columbia explodes and disintegrates as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. All seven crew members died (Schuelke).  The famous Disney film Finding Nemo, released on May 30, 2003, starred Ellen Degeneres as the voice of Dory and Willem Dafoe as Nemo. Finding Nemo, only available in the United States and Canada when first released, but became available worldwide. Soon after Wicked the musical premiered on Broadway on June 10th. The Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl premiered on the 29th of June in Disneyland (Historical Events). This would be the first movie of a new Disney series. The movie starred Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley. In the year 2003 NASA launched the largest infrared telescope in space. The telescope, Spitzer Space, became very important to space discovery. NASA’s fourteen year mission ended the exploration of the largest planet in our solar system(Space Exploration).  Not only the US had a good year in space exploration. China sent Yang Liwei into orbit and became the third country to successfully send a man into space(2003).2003 had brought unrest to the world. Conflicts from then still occur today, there will still be terrorism and wars between countries. These conflicts did not just bring fear and stress to the countries involved, but it had an effect on everyone. Weather disasters that occurred had a huge effect on people all around the world. Good things did happen despite the chaos that had been going on. Beautiful films and plays became introduced, and a whole new window of space exploration,brought by this year of 2003, had begun. There had been a lot of major disagreements,  regardless 2003 came to an end and a new year of things began.    


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