The Project is to Create an Organic Processing

The aim of the project is use of natural energy sources in form of biogas. Project is to Create an Organic Processing Facility to create biogas which will be more cost effective, eco-friendly, cut down on landfill waste, generate a high-quality renewable fuel, and reduce carbon dioxide & methane emissions.  Rural regions account for the greater part of the population of any developing country and are characterized as a provider of food and farm products to the society. Because of a significant number of cattle, buffalos, cows and other meat and milk producing animals, local and the global environment is facing an in-tangible socio-economic externality in form of animal manure produced environmental pollution. Animal manure spread in open emits carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane, nitrogen oxide and other pollutants accounting for local pollution and global warming. Biogas technology is an efficient solution to address the issue of more stable and efficient renewable energy source through its potential ability to keep pollution free environment.

Besides being a renewable energy source, the biogas digester systems would prevent the direct exposure of methane, carbon dioxide and other pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. Moreover, the combustion of biogas displaces the use of fossil fuels for energy generation hence contributes to additional emission reductions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other air pollutants. For complimenting the increasing interest in renewable energy, an increasing number of centralized biogas plants have been installed in recent years for their cost efficiency to convert livestock manure into renewable energy products, like electricity or bio methane products. In order to assess the true efficiency of an animal manure based biogas plant under public private partnership framework, the potential environmental externalities of animal manure should be taken account of in a socio-economic analysis.

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