The programme to meet their own needs and

The study of archaeology has helped people to understand who we are and where we came from. It is essential that we, as human being, to be fully aware because without knowing our origins as human being wouldn’t have been able to evolve ourselves into the society today.

My passion for studying archaeology has developed during my BA Liberal Arts at Sophia University in Japan, where I had the amazing opportunity to study anthropology. My undergraduate studies have intrigued my interest of archaeology through gaining the knowledge of human behaviour, tradition and culture. Also by conducting researches for each modules, my interest of knowing how to interpret these information from materials and heritages have increased exceedingly. I understand the MA Archaeology course at University of Edinburgh provides splendid opportunities to develop essential skills to interpret historical evidences into modern languages. With the university and its course being one of the most highly regarded centers for archaeology in the world and with the presence of national and local institutions and heritage agencies of Edinburgh, I understand this will provide the solid foundation to continue on to more specialised research which I plan to pursue after the successful completion of the course. Moreover, in addition to core modules to build the necessary foundation and skills, I am fascinated by the selection of variable optional modules where students are given the choice to tailor the programme to meet their own needs and interests. I wish to study Archaeological Illustration, Space, Place and Time: the archaeology of built environments, and Conflict archaeology: materialities of violence for the optional courses to gain essential skills to pursue my career goal as working for an institution to contribute in interpretation and conservation of valuable remains from the past and to present them well for others to learn.

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My job experiences may not be directly related to archaeology itself, yet, working for Emirates Airline as a flight attendant has improved my understanding and provided me an opportunity to learn how to adapt to cultural differences by working with many people with various backgrounds. I have also learned how to handle critical situations and to manage and complete my task even in a limited time and space. Additionally, working for Google as a technical support agent has improved my confidence in analyzation and critical thinking skills which are also required to study at a masters level. I was quite new to IT field, yet, have learned how to assess and prioritize vast amount of information, and became one of the well performing agents in my team by accomplishing the quality goals set by Google. Furthermore, both experiences have improved my communication skills greatly and I have learned to work well with others as a team.I strongly believe that the MA Archaeology degree from University of Edinburgh  is absolutely necessary for me to build the foundation for further study and the pathway to contribute in the interpretation, conservation and education of the archaeological evidences.

I truly look forward to the opportunity of studying at one of the world’s most advanced, global scaled, top-leading institution of Archaeology to achieve my goal.


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