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The General Assembly is;Fully aware of the United Nations Human Rights Declaration of 1948, which recognizes the inherent dignity, equality and inalienable rights of all global citizens, Reaffirming United Nations Security Resolution (UNSCR) 1373 of 28 September 2001, which encourages Governments to work with UN bodies aimed at preventing terrorist attacks,Deeply disturbed by the fact that terrorism has been dramatically spread all over the world in the past 2 decades,Deeply concerned by the increase of terrorist attacks taking place in various regions of the world including Europe, Middle East, and Asia,Deeply conscious that many people are being manipulated by malicious terrorist organizations in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, Alarmed by the fact that South East Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia were specifically targeted by ISIS in the last 2 years,In response to these concerns, the general assembly;Requests to launch an international coalition against terrorist organizations to:Increase common military training to promptly respond to plotted terrorist attacks;Share information and identify organizations/people for designation as terrorists  according to UNSCR 1373/2001;Improve border control and security specifically in targeted areas;Increase monitoring of public places and major events through CCTV according to the country’s HDI ranking;Refine new laws such as enhancing security measures at major social events and public buildings by expanding CCTV coverage and training community to deal with terrorist attacks;Urges member states to support the idea of launching an international movement to: Train community to prevent/deal with terrorist attacks via online websites/mobile applications/e-learning;Raise awareness of current events related to terrorist attacks;Give opportunity to community of reporting potential danger to local authorities;Calls upon all member states to improve/add education classes in schools related to the threat from extremism while teaching to respect Universal Human Rights Declaration;Requests to introduce/refine new international laws that handle different terroristic acts by different levels of punishments:The laws will be made by each country separately depending on their situation and have to follow Universal Human Rights Declaration;Death penalty is prohibited but can be used only in extreme situations;Recommends to increase control over social networks:Developing AI bots to stop propaganda;Censoring malicious groups and suspicious accounts; Monitoring electronic devices for criminal activities.


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