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The Persian Wars were a defining moment in Greeks history! So much has happened during this war. Let’s start on how and why the Persian war started.

The war began when the Athens agreed to come to the aid of the Greek-speaking-city-states on the coast of Asia Minor. These city states were in a rebellion with the Persian empire. In 490 BCE, Darius the Great launched an attack to the Athens. Soon, the Athens and Persian got into a Battle, the “Battle of Marathon”.The Athens were commended by Miltiades(a general who had previous military experience against the Persians). The Persians did not attack Greece again for 10 years. Darius son Xerxes became king.

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Xerxes gathered several army soldiers and 600 ships to get ready to fight in war. Themistocles had already thought that there would be trouble many years ahead of time and had convinced the Athens to begin a navy building project. By the time of the Persian invasion, they were ready to fight. Many of the smaller cities however had already recognized defeats and refused to send army’s. The first great battle of, United Greeks against Xerxes army was at Thermopylae.

The Spartan King Leonidas with 300 Spartans, held out for 3 days against the Persian army. Thousands of Persians were killed after the battle. As soon as the battle of Thermopylae was lost, the Greeks fleet worked full-time to evacuate Athens and its surrounding communities to nearby islands.

The famous naval battle of Salamis resulted that the Greek fleet won an Amharic and decisive victory over the larger Persian navy. After considerable hesitation and delay, a terrific battle was fought at Plataea. Here, the Persians were defeated to end the Persian war. One popular outcome of the Persian war was the introduction of a new military method known as the Greek phalanx. The phalanx is a rectangular military formation composed entirely of heavy infantry , armed with heavy Spears and pikes. A major result of the Persian war was the creation of the Delian League.

The draft of the Persian war empire allowed Greek culture to continue to succeed and spread through the world.


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