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The greatest conundrum modern businesses face is not the lack of opportunities but identifying the right opportunity and mode of execution to attain optimal success. Over the course of my work as a Senior Systems Engineer, I have realised that no matter how technically sound and innovative an organisation is, what holds the key to success is proper management and strategic planning. Looking at how famed companies like Google, Facebook, Apple etc. changed the course of their business through comprehensive business models I am intrigued about how things are managed in the industry. This intrigue has now made me determined to return to academia and pursue my Masters in Management Information Systems which will help me understand technology and management in-depth so as to help improve people’s lives. With its focuses on integrating complex systems together that cross multiple disciplines of Engineering, I am sure that MIS will help me grow into a holistic professional.In lieu of a formal introduction to my future aspirations, I offer a summary of my previous learning and professional experience. Growing up in a family of engineers working in varied branches of engineering helped me identify my flair for Information Technology. Moreover, I had a deep fascination for Computers since my school days which solidified my decision to pursue my under graduation in Information Technology. Hence, I joined Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur, India for my Bachelors. I secured a good rank in entrance test for Engineering due to which I was one of the top students in my department thus, securing a of 80% of tuition fees as scholarship every year in college. My consistently good academic performance helped me secure an overall of 79.8% in my Bachelor,s.College gave me the chance to explore my deep but interrelated interests and I revelled in the entirety of my study. In particular I developed a penchant for subjects like Database Management Systems, Software Engineering and Software Project Management. The subjects enriched me and provided unique perspectives on various branches of study within the broad field of the course. My fascination for these subjects grew more when I started implementing the same practically. Besides theoretical subjects, laboratory sessions also enthralled me. My favorite lab sessions included Database Management System lab, Programming in Java lab and designing and analysis of algorithms lab. Since the first year of college, we were provided with opportunities to work on small scale projects which helped me immensely as a professional. Be it Hotel Management System in C or Bank Management System in C++, the experiences made me more confident about finding real time solutions to existing problems. I learnt how entities are mapped to each other, mapping functionalities, agile methodology, testing and incorporating validations through these experiences. This experience of rectifying and resolving errors from minor projects helped me to face difficulties in major projects.To date, my technical knowledge in the field of IT and the related management aspects is rooted, informed and sustained by an array of courses and the thesis project I did during my Bachelor’s degree. From the industrial visits I had during my sixth semester, I witnessed how everything is taken care of in big firms which inspired me to work on a system that is effective in educational institutes and in industries.To develop awareness on the work done in an industrial contexts and the strategies followed, I interned at iTech Power, a leading software company where I got to learn .Net framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. I also worked on the ‘E work Solutions’ project designed to maintain the database regarding employees’ daily work log, scheduled work, progress of work, attendance, leaves payments etc. and sends reports to the main centre through email attachments. I learnt effective designing and implementation of code and effectively optimising it to save time and memory during this time.  For my final year project, I worked on an ‘Attendance management using Fingerprint’ which comprises of a sensor for scanning a fingerprint, a processor for storing the fingerprint database and software which compares and matches the fingerprint to the predefined database. I chose to work on this topic as it gave me a wide exposure to several technologies and their applications. Our idea can be enhanced to be used for more than 300 users with proper privacy features and very minimal paperwork. My core responsibilities included making UML diagrams and conceptualizing page designs for the system. The entire experience inculcated in me the qualities of team work and handling pressure and also amended my skills in systematic research.My professional journey began with Infosys Limited, an Indian multinational corporation as a Systems Engineer. Here I cleared one of the best and laborious corporate level training in India which helped me gain proficiency in Java, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, jQuery, JavaScript, servlet and objective C. As a part of this training, I developed a full-fledged iPhone app which involved designing the frontend, working with the database and business logic coding including the integration of all the modules. After completing the training, I was assigned to a mobile application development project which dealt with the implementation of mobile banking functionalities for the client Eastern Bank, USA. I have single handedly developed the user interface and validation module within strict deadlines and extreme work pressure. With this project, the main issue was of deadlines as this was the first mobile application based on Finacle in US markets. In search of greater professional heights, I began my work as a Senior Systems Engineer for Edgeverve, a subsidiary of Infosys. I took on the mantle of a leader for three months when I was assigned to the pre sales team concerned with making new clients by showcasing the existing product in the form of Proof of Concept. I led a team of three to make a POC for a German Bank BAWAG PSK and despite the numerous challenges we faced, our determination resulted in the success of the endeavor. I then moved to mobile application development and enhancement based on the requirements given by the Middle East Bank – NBQ, Dubai. Followed by this I got an opportunity to work onsite and experience the work done at client side of the Punjab National Bank, Delhi. I developed the mobile application for PNB Bhutan including frontend development with functionality and validations. Furthermore I also supported other projects that were ongoing like Regional Rural Bank applications for Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This was being made as a step towards government’s initiative to extend digital banking even in rural areas. Both projects gave me a huge learning experience in a short span of time as I could see the impact of my work in the real world. All these experiences have be highly transformative in nature to state the least. I have evolved into a skilled professional who is confident of facing any kind of professional challenge with adroit skills in management.Since childhood I have immersed myself in social activities which gave me a deep sense of fulfillment and instilled in me the desire to involve myself in similar activities in the future. As a student I collected funds from my colony for a Relief Association to help children with cancer. I was associated with SPIC MACAY a non-political nationwide voluntary movement that organises varied programs throughout the world to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage. I contributed in organising a trip to all historical monuments of Jaipur. While working in Infosys, Pune, I joined SNEH FOUNDATION and taught kids in slum areas Basic English and Mathematics along with creating awareness about health issues in such areas.Education as my understanding goes is about finding one’s identity, and subsequently of the society at large. While the experiences I gained so far has been very rewarding, I want to understand the managing techniques involved in businesses. I aim to work as a technology analyst or consultant in IT field where I can utilise my technical skills while honing my managerial abilities. Few years down the line, I aim to extend my work towards social sector by making technology accessible to all. My ultimate goal is to extend the reach of education and use technology to make everyone self-sufficient and equal.With the aid of an MS in MIS I wish to learn in detail the aesthetics of managing the multi-functional aspects of business, personnel, resource and information management and related technical functions while equipping myself with the requisite knowledge and skills to exercise higher managerial responsibilities successfully. Upon exhaustive research I found that the Master’s program offered by XXXXXXXXX University will help me acquire the versatility needed to reach my full potential in MIS. I am highly impressed with the work of Prof XXXX in YYYY and am keen to be a part of his research teams. The diverse and international student body combined with modern facilities and esteemed professors and ample scope for practical study makes XXXXXXX the ideal choice for me. Your master’s program is integral to my goals, and I greatly appreciate your consideration of my application with suitable financial aid. I assure you that if given an opportunity I will be able to live up to your expectations and even exceed it.


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