Essay: faith in our friends, God, and/or love.

Essay: The Patience of Penelope Do you believe that true love is Eternal? Would you be able to wait for yourtrue love to arrive or would you settle for what is at reach? In the Greek love story,The Patience of Penelope, the writer portrays the meaning of true love. In the shortstory true love consisted of patience, faith, and even suffering. Not all of us hold the rare quality of having patience. We get desperate easilywhen we are obligated to wait for something which we need or want. We tend to give inquickly to lessen our craving or settle for less. Patience was something that Penelope, theyoung; beautiful; and wealthy wife of Odysseus carried within herself.

Penelope wasaware of her husbands rumors of his death. Though she maintained seeking patience,and no matter how helpless she felt, she ignored the suitors who tried winning her favorsand weaved wool for four years till Odysseus revealed himself. An extraordinary term by which many of us live with everyday is faith. It ispossible for us to have faith in our friends, God, and/or love. In the story, Penelopedemonstrates her belief in faith towards her husband, Odysseus. She remained loyal,sincere, and honest towards her husband. Though many rumors spread of his death, andtime passed by with no sign of her beloved husband, she managed to keep faith.

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I believethat such actions proved Penelopes true love for her husband. It doesnt mean much to love with tongue and words, one must show by actions-their love. Even if it means suffering for their love. I feel that when you truly lovesomeone you are willing to do anything for that someone. For example, in the storyPenelope suffered for her husband for several years. She spent four years of her youthfullife lonely and pressured by society to find another man to love. But, Penelpe chose thedifficult, but worthy road. She chose to suffer till her husband arrived.

In conclusion, it is acceptable to say that the story carries a valuable concept inlife. The story gives its reader a view on how life can not always be as clear and/or asstraight forward as you would want it to be. We might go through a few tests to find ourlove for certain things or people. The story also shows us how patience and faith areextremely necessary in many situations, and how love consists of suffering as well. Bibliography:

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