The wood and a weak burlap fiber –

The Palace of Fine Arts is the monumental building located at San Francisco, California. It was built in 1915 after the 1905 earthquake.

It was build purposely for the exposition of Panama Pacific. This building was the only one left after other buildings which were meant for exposition were smashed. The city of San Francisco decided to retain the building because people loved it. At that moment, the Palace of Fine Arts was in bad shape because it was not build permanently, and hence maintenance was necessary.

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The building was build with wood and a weak burlap fiber – with this being the main reason why the building would not last long, but the gallery which housed the creative arts had concrete walls that were designed to protect the arts. In 1950s, Casper who was an assembly man and other significant citizens came together and decided to donate funds for the rebuilding of the palace. In 1964, the original building was demolished and reconstruction started (McCoy 6).

According to Williams, the Palace of Fine Arts has become a tourist attraction for both foreign and local tourists (15). The buildings’ central rotunda is surrounded, which provides a mirror for reflecting the building from far. There are many ornaments with three panels at the rotunda which symbolizes the Greek culture of the great effort of the attraction. The sculptured figures represent the meditation, amazement, and thought.

At the side of the rotunda, there are eight large insets which have paintings for Robert Reid: four of them portray the beginning of art, the progress, and the human recognition of the art. The other four insets symbolize the gold of California which includes the golden wheat, fruits and wheat. Many events take place there, including wedding parties because this place has a good site for photography, and especially for wedding couples. The building can accommodate 1000 people in its theatre which has comfortable chairs with velvety fabrics on its walls. Dances together with worldwide concerts and interviews for celebrities take place in the palace. McCoy concurs that tourists walk leisurely with their dogs at the walk way near its relaxing lagoon while also enjoying the sunset view because palace is popular (10).

Television and film series are recorded here because of palace’s beauty and natural looking landscape. The palace has many art exhibits and trucks and jeeps which were used during the World War II. The Exploratorium, which is also referred to as the museum of science is found in the palace. This museum was started by Doctor Frank Oppenheimer whose aim was to make science easy for access to the citizens and other foreigners: this goal has been achieved because the palace has become a popular attraction especially to the tourists. Likewise, the Fillmore auditorium is found in San Francisco. It was named after the Fillmore Street and found between the Western addition and pacific heights. Bill Graham who made Fillmore famous shifted the concerts to different venues where he named the other as Fillmore West.

It was damaged by an earthquake in 1989, but was later relocated to where Geary Boulevard was located before its closure. As compared to the Palace of Arts, Fillmore holds musical concerts especially the counter culture type with musicians such as Elton John performing live concerts at its hall. Fillmore has become another spot for shows and can accommodate up to 1199 people. It is located in many places such as Denver, Washington DC, Detroit, Silver Spring Mary Land, and Philadelphia.

Additionally, Fillmore has undergone many changes because of change in management and location, especially when it was handed to live nation. It has become a brand name and many clubs have incorporated it in their names. It has a collection of concert wall posters from many performances, especially from the past, which are displayed at the mezzanine level inside the auditorium. It gives out free copies of the night’s performance. According to Fillmore Center, Fillmore retains its traditions such as giving apples to the people who attend the concert which are put at the entrance and a person at the door who greets the guests as they enter and welcomes them to the place. As compared to the Palace of Fine Arts, Fillmore has got many events, which include theatres and clubs, but the Palace of Fine Arts has a natural feeling such as the water surrounding the building and the unique fine arts.

However, both have the same experience because they were at one point affected by earthquakes. In this regard, the Palace of Fine Arts has attracted many people, including science students from all over the world because of its museum of science and its beautiful surroundings. Unique fine arts has been preserved and kept for view by people from all over the world.

Both the Palace of Fine Arts and Fillmore, with their music concerts and shooting of films, have attracted national wide musicians such as Elton John and Pink Floyd with acts such as Grateful Deaths being performed there. Both remains historical music venues, with the Palace of Fine Arts becoming historically unique place for the preservation of fine arts with different sculptured figures which makes the observer to reflect on what the allegorical figures represent.

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