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The four nobletruth is the basic foundation of Buddha’s teaching Buddhism. The first nobletruth is the truth of suffering (Dukkha). There are three types of suffering;physical pain, the pain of losing, and suffering of illusion.

All beings gothrough all sorts of sadness, anxiety, depression and many more. They aresuffering. The second noble truth is craving (Tanha), it is the causes of thesuffering. The third noble truth is the cessation of suffering (Nirvana), theultimate concern for Buddhism. It allows people to eliminate desire and this iswhere people reach the state of Nirvana.

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The end of desire, and hence the endof suffering altogether. The fourth noble truth is the path out or the MiddlePath or the Noble Eightfold Path. One reach this height in their lifetime as aBuddhist by the fourth noble truth, also known as ‘the Noble Eightfold Path’. Here is an exampleto better understand the concept of the four noble truth, let us imagine Buddhaas a doctor. If one gets sick (suffering), he/she may go see a doctor. Then thedoctor will look at the causes of that sickness.

Once the causes of that sicknessare revealed, the doctor will prescribe a medicine to stop the sickness. It isup to that person to decide whether he/she want to take the treatment and getbetter or not take the treatment and suffer more. Buddhist will say that untiland unless you do something, nothing will happen. This shows that Buddhistreligion is not something made up, but it is entirely depending on a personallife experience.

The Buddha pointedout that no human being or God has the power to get in between someone elseKarma. For that reason, Buddhism teaches the individual to take fullresponsibility for himself/herself. For instance, if you wish to be successfuland rich then be hardworking, trustworthy, and cheap or if you wish to live ina heaven then be kind and compassionate to others. There is no God in theuniverse to ask for or to ask favors from.

Buddhists see this as there is nocorruption possible in the workings of Karma. This proves Freud theoryabout religion to be wrong. 


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