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The outrageous novel Jasper Jones, the younger characters are faced with a loss of innocence. They have to find out the hard way the world is not what it’s portrayed as to be.

Throughout this novel characters are dragged through violence, mysteries and lies. Both towns Throughout the novel Jasper jones, Charlie has lost all innocence and has to learn the truth about a lot of things. Over the “hottest summer in Corrigan” Charlie is confronted about many truths including the truth behind the myth of mad Jack Lionel and the truth behind his mother’s hurtful behaviour. However the truth that has the biggest impact on Charlie has to be the dark secret that jasper exposes Charlie to.

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Charlies vision of the world, his way of life are about to change forever. Charlies exposure to Laura’s suicide and the events leading up to it force him to confront the darkness in the world and as a result he loses his innocence.In conclusion all the characters in the novel were greatly affected by Laura’s death and this is what has caused Charlie as well as other characters to open their eyes into the real world. In addition of all the characters had to grow up in their own way just to survive in the small outback town.


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