The Kelantan slang for “makan makan” or

The organization’s background and history of “Make Make The Penang Lang Cafe”.

Penang is often touted as Asia’s number one street food haven and a trip to Penang is not complete without at least a bowl of noodles in the charming streets of Georgetown. Makemake Café which is located in the exciting new outlet mall in Design Village, Penang, brings all these mouth-watering Penang street foods into one single venue; in a modern café setting. Makemake which is named after one of the dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt is also the Kelantan slang for “makan makan” or “eat eat”.

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Street food has a magical appeal when piping hot and served immediately. The fun is in watching the Char Koay Teow hawker dancing around the frying pan and burning charcoal and then eating the Koay Teow straight after. Replicating that is what we do as we are fortunate enough to be the direct descendants of this tradition. All our food is prepared with care and the recipe passed down from a tradition in a well-known itinerant family share good old-fashioned street food.It has one branch located in Batu Kawan, design village.

Opened less than 3 months ago, Design Village is the latest shopping destination in Penang. What makes Design Village special is that it is the only Outlet Mall in Northern Malaysia.


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