The of government. The idea that: the

The first establishment of a written form of
government. The idea that: the citizens would agree to be governed in the new
world. The mayflower compact were to establish a community and to have the
consent of the government the reason why Americans separated from King George
was taxation which was the idea of no taxation without any representation. The
people should be taxed when the country will say what they will do with that


The Mayflower set sail from England in 1620. The ship had to turn
back not once but twice because of speedwell (boat) it traveled with another
ship but the other ship started to leak. After Speedwell got left in the dirt,
the Mayflower finally got where it was headed on September 6, 1620. Pirates
invaded waters so ships could be attacked in the 1600’s. Many ships were
damaged. The ship went through a storm to avoid contact with pirates. In total
they lost 1 sailor, they were kind of rude and made fun of people for
seasickness. The colonists believed god punished him for being cruel so he


It took roughly two months, 66 days to be exact. The pilgrims
arrived at “Cape Cod” on November 11, 1620. A few Weeks later they
sailed up the cost to Plymouth and built their own establishment where a group
of Indian people had lived. Sickness killed most of them. The Pilgrims lived on
the Mayflower for a few months. The Pilgrims built houses during the day and
went back to Mayflower at night time. Many Pilgrims got sick from the cold and
the wet atmosphere. By December roughly half of the people on the Mayflower
died on the first winter from general sickness of colds and fevers. By March
1621 there were enough houses for everyone to live on land. After hard voyage
and Harsh, terrible winters the Mayflower left Plymouth to return to home (England)
on April 5, 1621.


Roughly 100 people were cut off from any form of government, with
feeling like rebellions. Only determination would help the Pilgrims establish
their colony. Teamwork was a necessity otherwise they would all die in the
wilderness. The Pilgrims knew they needed at least a temporary government. In
America, authority came from the king. Lonely as they were in America, it could
only come from the people themselves, together The Pilgrims and
“Sailors” made an agreement among themselves for a temporary


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