The the human digestive system by clarifying

The unique interpretations ofnatural philosophy given by Plato, Aristotle and Galen offer different perspectives on the human anatomy andphysiology. The ancient natural philosophers were concerned with the study ofthe structure and function of the human digestive system.  Plato, Aristotle,and Galen in their systematic and empirical inquiries make phenomenological anatomicaland physiological observations.

Plato’s views of biology are inspired by isimmediate teacher Socrates. Socrates viewed the humanbody as comprising of the body and the soul (Phaedo 277), teachings that Platoreplicated in his posterior analysis in the humandigestive system. Aristotle adopts the perspective of Plato but introduces theissue of form and matter. In his view, heintegrates subjective description. Galen refined the analysis of the humandigestive system by clarifying on the errors of his predecessors.  It is Galen who first brings up the issue ofthe different faculties in living things and integrates the issue of nutrition (Galen, 2017, p. 226).

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The researchestablishes that the three philosophers offer divergent but complementary views about the interactions inthe human digestive system. 


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