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The Best 5 Apps to TrackData Usage on iPhoneContents:Part 1.

Background introduction to this topicThesedays, we all are familiar with the internet and use it in our daily lives. Mostof the users have smartphone devices tosurf the internet. Data subscription is required with your mobile carrier thatallows you to use the internet withoutextra charges. But if you are like most of the peoplewho don’t have an unlimited data, thenyou would need to keep an eye on your data pack. If you are not payingattention, you could consume more data beyond your monthly limit.

Luckily,there are several apps that allow you to trackdata usage iPhone devices. Here, below are top 5 data usage tracking appsthat are best for your daily life activities.Part 2. The Best 5 Apps to TrackData Usage on iPhoneData Usage:Datausage is a data tracking app that allows the user to keep an eye on data usage.

Its clean user interface makes it easy touse and install. Data Usage includes lots of data monitoring features thatmakes it better than others. This is one of the best apps to track data usage iPhone on theinternet.Pros:·        It performs real-time monitoring ofmobile data and Wi-Fi.·        This powerful tracking app generatesthe monthly report. ·        Data usage machine learning willcapture and record your way of using the internet.

With the help of this, it will predict and set daily quotas. ·        Currently, it is compatible withAndroid and iOS operating system. Cons:·        Not compatible with Blackberry and other mobile operating system.

·        It is not available for free; youhave to pay $0.99 to download.Official Address:

com/bt/app/data-usage/id386950560CarrierCompare: Carriercompareis a free iOS application that is used to trackdata usage iPhone. This appallows the user to compare your network data speeds at any geolocation. Basically, Carriercompare is a crowdsourcing app that fetches the data fromother people who are using this. Pros: ·        Engaging with this app, you cantrack data usage on your iOS device.·        You can compare two networks withinthe same area.·        The usercan download it for free from Apple app store.·        It is compatible with the only iOS operating system. Cons: ·        CarrierCompare is only availablefor iOS users.

·        It uses crowd-sourced data from other users.·        It can only measure HSPA+ speedthat is not helpful for most of the users.Official Address:https://itunes. Data Manager:Mydata manager is an ultimate data tracking app. This application will preventyou from being charged more money by addingthe limit on data. The main reason behind the popularity of this app is that ittracks data usage accurately.  One canalso generate the data usage consumption history anytime. Pros: ·        My data manager is compatible witha mobile device running on Android, iOS,and operating system. ·        It has an ability to track cellularas well as Wi-Fi usage.·        Maintain History of data usage.

·        You can download it for free yourmobile device application store.Cons:·        It is not compatible withBlackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian operating system. ·        My data manager requires Android4.0 or later and iOS 10.

2 or higher version to run this app. Official address: DataManis a free app that tracks data usageiPhone in a simple way. It generates a real-timereport of your overall data use.

There is no need for special computer skill to use this app; any layman can easilyuse this without any problem.  Simply,install the app on your device and it will startworking automatically.Pros:·        DataMan is only available for iOSdevices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.·        You can download it for free fromApple App store.·        Works will all mobile carriers.·        Track LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Wi-Fi.

·        It will automatically set alert for50, 70, 90 and 100 percent data usage. Cons:·        In the free version, only a fewfeatures are available. To get full features, you have to purchase theapplication.·        Only limited to iOS 10.3 or higherversions.Official Address: is only designed for AT mobile carrier users.

Getting engaging withthis app, you view your data usage, data usage report, and account information.On the main page of this app, you will see information regarding all theaccounts. Pros:·        One can easily track data usage.·        It allows you to directly pay billsfrom the app.·        You can easily view bill detail.·        Compatible with devices running onAndroid or iOS operating system. Cons:·        This app is only available forAT users.·        To run this app, the mobile phone must have Android version 5.

0 orhigher and iOS 9.3 or later. Official Address:

com/us/app/myat-t/id309172177 Part 3. How to directly check andTrack Data Usage on iPhone(write step by step guide andprovide screenshots for each step)Step 1: Initially,you have to tap on “Settings” to open.Step 2: Now,tap on Cellular.Step 3: Once theabove process completed, scroll down a bit to see your total history.

Here, youwill see you total call times and data usage.Step 4: You canscroll down to the bottom to see apps with data usage and system services. Listof the app is organized in alphabeticalorder.

Step 5: Tap on”System Services” to see service including Security Services, Home Screen,Networking, Find My iPhone, and many others. Ifyou want to reset all statistics then, tap on blue text namely “ResetStatistics”. Part 4.

How to Save Data When Youare Using Too Much on iPhoneSwitch data off from the app:Ifyou think any of installed app is consuming lots of data then, switch the dataoff for that app. It is a very simpleprocess to turn the data off. Simply, open the Settings by tapping on its icon.

Then, hit on Cellular and scroll down and tap on that app icon and restrict itfrom accessing the data.  Switch data off entirely:Incase, you have limited data plan and running out of data then, it is bestoption to turn the data off entirely. It is not a difficult task to turn thedata off entirely. Step by step guide to switching data off entirelyStep 1: First ofall, open the “Settings” by tapping on its icon.Step 2: Now,scroll down a bit and tap on “Cellular”.Step 3: Here, youwill green toggle of cellular data. Tap on it to turn the cellular data off.

Additional data services: Thesedays lots of mobile carriers areavailable that offer LTE/4G to 3G switch options. This is really helpful when youare running out of data. While engaging with this you can use 3G to make voicecall instead of LTE/4G because it consumes fewerdata. LTE and 4G mode is great when you want to access the internet as compared to 3G.

You can switchthese settings to the settings.Part 5. RecommendationFoneMonitoris easy to use application that allowsyou to monitor target device anytime. It is powered by lots of features that’smakes it better than others. This monitoring tool is mainly coded for parentsand business owners to know what their children and employees are doing. FoneMonitorprotects your kids from various harmfulthreats such as online bullying, predator and much more. Simple, create a freeFoneMonitor account and enter details about target device.

Currently, it iscompatible with iOS and Android devices. Onecan use FoneMonitor to access messages, read notes, voice memos, and much more.If the target device is running on iOSthen, it is not possible to track real-timelocation with FoneMonitor. But, it is possible on devices running on AndroidOperating system. Normally, FoneMonitor is available for free but to avail fullfeature, you have to upgrade. Paid subscription plans offered by FoneMonitorare reasonable in prices i.e.

its suites every wallet. Features of FoneMonitor·        Unlike other monitoring tools,FoneMonitor allows you to gain access tothe target phone and access photos and videos. You can also download such mediafiles on your local device to view them in offline mode. ·        With FoneMonitor, accessing textSMS is easier as compared to other tools.

Enter iCloud details of target deviceduring sign up and gain access.·        Parents can use this tool as aspying tool on their kids. They can access call history of their kid device toknow what they are doing with their smartphone device. ·        It will work secretly in the background of the target device and record gestures and activitiesperforming on the monitored device. ·        There is no need to jailbreak orroot the mobile phone to run thisapplication. Simply, create a FoneMonitor account and fill details about targetdevice.



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