The Information about Documentary,” n.d.). Moreover, the

Thefilm “Inside Job” shows the global financial crisis that was experienced in 2008. It illustratesdifferent findings and diverse interviews, which were facilitated by thefinancial owners, journalists, academic personnel, and politicians. The moviecenters on five different themes according to its narrative. It demonstratesthe fluctuations in the economic zone experienced in the period that led to thecrisis (“ANALYSIS OF THEDOCUMENTARY MOVIE “INSIDE JOB” Basic Information aboutDocumentary,” n.d.).

Additionally, it shows how the gradualadvancement in the complex trading facilitated the rise of risk-taking, which overcomes the setregulations for them. There is also the description of the political movementthat was geared towards deregulation andlittle information on the search for attentionin the financial sector. The film established that the activity influenced thecredit assessment institutions and academics, thereby enhancing the crisis (“ANALYSIS OF THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE “INSIDE JOB” BasicInformation about Documentary,” n.d.).

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Accordingto the film, the market derivative faulted the lending, which was being relayedfrom one party to another at the expense of investment. It later proved that itwas not a safe initiative but rather developed a high-risk factor. The activities compel the lenders to opt formortgages to disguise the risks, which amounts to AAA ratings then utilized bythe investors, for instance, as retirement funds (“ANALYSIS OF THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE “INSIDE JOB” BasicInformation about Documentary,” n.d.). Moreover,the film demonstrates the recent growth in the rest of the economy by showingthe high pay in the financial sector.

It suggested that the profit/risk balancehad been violated. The role of the academic individuals was also demonstrated where Ferguson showed that the leadingfaculty members were participating as consultants hence receiving largeproportions of income. In conclusion, the film established that the fundamentalsystems had not been altered although there aredeveloped financial regulations put in place. The culprits in the globalcrisis have not been brought to book, and the banks which survived are bigger whiletheir incentives remain unchanged (“ANALYSISOF THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE “INSIDE JOB” Basic Information aboutDocumentary,” n.d.).



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