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The way people move around their locality’s public transport system isthe main problem which play an increasingly significant role. It is a lucrativemode of transport. Because of traffic block and other incidents most of thebuses get delayed in time to arrive.

At the bus stop people have to wait for a longerperiod of time without knowing the arrival time of the bus. People who use thepublic transport cannot find arrival time of a bus at the nearest bus stop fromtheir homes so that they can leave from home appropriately. Because of the abruptdelays due to traffic blockage the arrival time of the bus cannot be assured.Our primary aim is to provide a system to remote user which will reduce thewaiting time for bus and will provide the user with all required details concerningthe time of departure or arrival of the bus and also its current location andexpected waiting time. In order to determine the current location of a bus andthe approximate arrival time, an organized tracking system is required. To obtainthe best tracking result, GPS and GSM technology is used. To track a vehiclethe GPS and GSM based system provides all specifications that are required. Ourproposed system will be able to find the current location of the bus and informthe central controller at the bus stop.

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Once this information is uploaded inthe server and then the commuter can access the information via the web basedapplication using internet even at their homes or any work place. In additionto this, our system also provides a web application which is interfaced withIOT that will display all the transmitted data to the user along with thecurrent location of the bus on the web application. The web application has aninterior global timer which will refresh the tracking application for everyforty seconds and will retrieve the latest location and other custom-builtvehicle parameters and will update the user with the recent information of thebus. Influencing people to use public transport helps in reducing traffic congestionas well as the impact on environment.

Our primary aim is to increase the utilizationof public transportation and to satisfy the current public transport users andhelp in motivating more people to use public transport. If remote users wish touse public transport, it is an easy way to see which bus is near to theirlocation and relative time the bus will take to reach the nearby stop, in realtime, thus they can take an appropriate decision of whether or not to wait at thestop. This convenience is provided to the pedestrians by our proposed system.The real location of any bus is determined by using GPS and then the data istransmitted. The transmission can take place through terrestrial radio orcellular connection, satellite from the bus to a radio receiver, satellite ornearby cell tower.

Once the information about the location along with otherdata is collected, a wireless communication system is used for transmissionpurpose. 


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