The Phase of Arras Battle. The first attack

The battle of Vimy Ridge was an confrontation battle of forces fought as a path of Battles in Northern France that took place in the First World War. The primary fighters of the war consist of the four divisions that belonged to the Corps of the Canadian army. They were the first army against the three groups of the German Army. The fighting occurred on April 9th – 12th 1917 and was a section of the initial Phase of Arras Battle. The first attack aimed at attracting German reserves from French Front (Williams, Greenhous and Harris 157).Canadian Corps aimed to have control of the German-held ground along the escarpment located at the Northern end of Arras offensive. Through the taking control of the escarpment, they ensured that southern Flank could advance without going through the German enfilade fire. Canadian Corps was capable of capturing most parts of the ridge on the first day of the planned attack through the support of the creeping barrage. Thelus village collapsed during the second day, and the crest of the escarpment after the Canadian corps overcame the German resistance. Also, the fortified Knoll got to the hands of the Canadian crew on 12th April, and this made the German forces retreat to Oppy- Mericourt line.The tactical and technical innovation techniques of the Canadian corps led to their success in capturing of the ridge. However, the Germany army did not apply their new defensive doctrine thus the cause of their failure. The war was the occasion where the four divisions of Canadian forces participated together, therefore, a sign of Canadian unity that led to its high achievement. Vimy erupted as a symbol of sacrifice to young of young Dominion of the nation. In 1922 the French government surrendered to Canada in the continuity of the Vimy Ridge and its surrounding land. Vimy memorial haunting scriptures and the gleaming white marble unveiled in 1939 represented the terrible remainder of Canadian forces who died in France, and their graves are unknown.The Vimy Ridge battle confirmed that the nation could also participate on the global stage. Canadian corps actions in the struggle gained respect from other countries of the world hence raising their international status. The results of this battle marked Canada’s worthiness to the British Empire as well as the whole World that it was capable of doing the best on its own. It is this success that made Canada be granted a place at Paris Peace Conference to handle issues on composing of Treaty of Versailles. Through this participant in the conference, Canada gained its independence from Great Britain. It was also involved in trading leading to the growth of industries. The victory earned the nation the confidence to join in other battles, for instance, the world war.After the Vimy Ridge battle, Canada became more independent and authoritative. The country started to be involved in peacekeeping actions after the World War II, for instance, it did not participate in the war of Vietnam. The nation welcomed immigrants who were fleeing the country. “Since the end of World War, I have engaged in more than thirty-five peacemaking missions.” (Wittke). They were involved in bringing to an end of Korean War and 20th-century crisis such as the Pakistan conflicts. Therefore the Vimy Ridge battle was a chance for Canada to demonstrate the need for togetherness. It is through the Canadian corps unity and sacrifices for their nation that they won the fight against the German. As a result, the country image changed as they gained prominent positions in the world such as gaining its self Independence. The country has also raised its sense of nationalism and identity acting as a role model to other countries of the world especially in the sense of peacekeeping and togetherness. Peace and unity are elements of a prosperous nation as seen in the case of Canada.


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