The confidence within themselves and the ability

The letters Celie writes shows herpoor literacy skills, evidently shown in her letters which consists of spellingmistakes, short simple sentences and limited vocabulary.

Celie spellsphonetically because she writes how she speaks and because she is uneducatedshe has not been taught the formal way or writing or speaking but through herfragile state she tries to find help through her letters to God. Walkerpurposely uses this to show the readers how a young uneducated black girl isshowing her struggle with all the problems she faces even though she is not educatedenough to formulate a proper sentence, she looks to God to try and save herfrom abuse she is enduring. The readers are shown from the beginning of thenovel, Letter 1, Celie quotes what her father has said to her ‘you better notnever tell nobody but God. It’d kill you mother’ because of the installed fearfrom her father, Celie looks to no one but God for comfort and guidance. Celieis inspired by other female characters such Sofia and Shug who show confidencewithin themselves and the ability to stand against any man who tries tobelittle them.

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The women in the novel help each other through their friendshipsWalker shows Celie progression ingaining confidence within herself to stand up to Mr and take charge of her ownlife. The readers see this throughout the novel, Celie understanding herenvironment but becomes more confident enough to have her own voice.The extracts that I have chosenfrom The colour purple is page 34, 35, 75 which presents the abuse womensuffered from their men, especially they’re own men and the racism they facedin society. For my non-literary text I have the chosen ‘Iknow why the caged bird sings’ by Maya Angelou. The reason for choosing this isbecause Maya’s autobiography is written from her personal experience of beingsexually abused by close family members and the discrimination she facesthrough her childhood and adult life. Maya Angelou is a civil rights activist,best known for one of her most celebrated books ‘I know why the caged birdsings’ and is a respected spokesperson for black people and women. Throughoutthe autobiography the readers learn of the many obstacles Maya faced, leadingup to the age of 17 when she began her career as a civil rights activist.

Angelouuses her autobiography to project the themes of identity, abuse and racism.Similar themes used in the colour purple like the character Celie, Angelou’syounger self also represent most of the black women living in America, a maledominated society at the time. 


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