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The event which is to be analyzed in this essay occurred inMontecito community situated next to Los Angeles on January 9, 2018. It hasthen lasted for several days, consisting of numerous mudslides that covered thehouses and infrastructure within the community. The mudslides have beentriggered by the storm and the downpour that followed it. The results of theevent were disastrous, as the death rate has now reached twenty people. Theamount of people who needed the medical help after the mudslides is few timesbigger.

In addition, it has led to the paralyzation of Highway 101, which is animportant element of the regional infrastructure.The Montecito downpour and the followingmudslides belong to the category of disasters. Though the terms “disaster” and”catastrophe” originally have the same meaning, today it has changed so that”catastrophe” is explained as a disaster of an extreme character.

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The Montecitodownpour has led to the horrific consequences. However, due to its local andisolated character, it still cannot be considered a catastrophe. At the sametime, it also cannot be described as an emergency, since this term means apre-disastrous state when the most severe consequences of the event can stillbe prevented.The analyzed event is definitely importantfor the notion of the CDM practitioners.

Though the authorities claimed thatthey have done anything possible to prevent the disastrous consequences, theystill occurred. It indicates the necessity to develop new and more efficientways of dealing with such situation. It is the direct responsibility of thoseinvolved into Crisis and Disaster Management. In addition, the consequences ofthe disaster should be faced and solved so that they cease to hinder the normallife of the community, which also belongs to the competency of CDM. All ofthese factors make the Montecito case instructional for those people who areplanning to get involved in the Disaster Management in the future.



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