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The excitement I had to get a new tablet to support my old but active Blackberry 9790 (Bold 6) reduced to zero when I bought a fake or cloned Samsung tablet. On getting to the vendor, I saw a galaxy tab 2 and tab 3. However, because I like to get a Galaxy Tab model I hopped for the Tab 3 model. Although I’m not used to Samsung gadgets, I’m sure Samsung is always written at the back of all their phones and tablets. This one has ‘Galaxy Tab 3’ written on the back with ‘Made in Korea’ underneath.

Anyways I paid and went back home to give the stuff a thorough check. These are some of my awful observations.Fake/cloned Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0It came with a low-quality attached keyboardIt has a very poor picture qualityThe startup scene after switching on is worst with annoying delayThe has too speakers which also served as the phone earpieceBoth the front (secondary) and back (primary) cameras are located at the wrong positionThe OS cannot be upgradedThere are two phone calls options (international and Korea)The charger has no inscription of SamsungThe screen is far from the edgeThe home button is not available at allAfter writing the above in a paper, I quickly searched for pictures of a genuine one on Google. OMG! I bought a clone. I quickly reassemble the stuffs back, went to the store and demanded a refund.

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Unfortunately, the vendor didn’t even know it was a clone. Lol.Did the vendor refund me? No. I went for a Blackberry Q10. I had no other choice again.

I was so discouraged. I decided to inform others who are unaware, of the existence of fake or cloned Samsung gadgets by Korean dudes (maybe). So whenever you want to buy a Samsung phone do the following:Original Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7.0Check the back for the word SAMSUNG INSCRIBED and NOT PAINTED or PRINTEDTell the salesperson to switch it on and check if there are funny and time-wasting animations, such as circling of the Samsung logo for more than 10 secondsCheck the location of the camera(s) and try taking picture with it to access the qualityI will also advice you to go with an Internet-enabled phone to be able to see features used to identify a genuine one; it really worth it.However, to be adequately sure, then visit this link that helped me Are there other things that you know that can be of help in identifying a clone or a fake Samsung phone? Kindly drop them for me and other readers to know.iv


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