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My essay on The Odyssey by Homer (TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FAGLES). My personal notes will be added in []’s, the rest is straight from the instruction sheet. Assignment: Which two of man’s greatest desires create the most suffering in a person’s life and/or society? Write a 4-paragraph essay in which you analyze the destructive nature of two desires.

Use the events in The Odyssey to support your points. “USE COMPLEX SENTENCES! EVERY SENTENCE COUNTS! ” Required Structure of Essay in Chronological order: -Title, author, brief summary (1-2 sentences max) Intro topic – the nature of a desire in general according to S. Freud (1-2 sent. max) -Thesis Statement (already assigned) – “Characters in The Odyssey struggle to control their desires. However, it is through the struggle with the Id [Sigmund Freud, philopsipher’s word for desire and ego] that mankind and society evolve. TOTAL SENTENCES: 4-6 max. TWO Body Paragraphs (same structure for each) -Topic sentence – each one argues different desire (not about the Odyssey) (1 sent.

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max) -Expansion on why desire is a problem to man (1-2 sent. ax) -Connection to the epic [The Odyssey] (1-2 sent. max) -Set-up evidence/example from epic (2-3 sent. max) -Key passage with MLA citation (1 sentence max. ) -Analysis of the long-lasting effect of the desire in the epic (2-3 sent.

max) TOTAL SENTENCES: 8-12 max. Conclusion -Conclude how mankind and/or society has positively evolved as a direct result of struggling with the Id or his desires. -Idea must move BEYOND the literary work “The conclusion can only be written because of your body paragraphs! ” TOTAL SENTENCES: 3-4 MAX.


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