The hand lining, nets and diving. The

The ocean has been used to fished for generations and are an important part of our society. Fish from the ocean have been important to the world along with this quote from the Outside article on hunting and fishing “estimates that roughly 90 million citizens, or 38 percent of the population age 16 or older, spent an estimated $145 billion on wildlife activities in the U.S. last year.

In 2011, hunters spent $34 billion, anglers spent $41.8 billion, and wildlife watchers spent $55 billion.” Fish are caught in many ways, including hand lining, nets and diving.

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The most common species that are in the fish market are herring, squid, crab, salmon, cod, tuna, shrimp, mullet, lobster, anchovy, flounder, scallops and oysters. About 40% of fish that we catch is used for fish meal to feed fish growth in captivity or for can dog or cat food.


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