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The novel, Lord of the Flies, teaches more than hurts, but that is not an opinion all readers presently share. “According to the American Library Association, it is the eighth-most frequently banned and challenged book in the nation” Lombardi shared, in “Why is ‘Lord of the Flies’ Banned or Challenged?”. Lord of the Flies has been noted as holding excessive violence, and demoralizing to mankind. In the book, a group of middle-school-aged boys are left stranded on an island after a war evacuation plane crash. As the story goes on, a survival-of-the-fittest and savage crisis begins. Boys become brutal – hunting, harming, and killing their own kind in order to reign as chief and kings of the island. This aggressive plot has led to banning, and many challenges of the novel. The author displays the clash between savagery and civilized rules of mankind as a major theme found throughout. Golding also shows us through certain characters how important things, such as morality and logic, are often overlooked by what is popular. The story will open eyes on how inherently flawed humanity is, therefore, this book should not be challenged, banned, or controlled because it will not change people’s behavior and thinking in a negative way.
Lord of the Flies should not be restricted or controlled because it teaches many great lessons. One example is Golding’s use of characters to show how humanity must be retained, and to cherish what is good before it is destroyed. Through Piggy, we see the logic side, and no want for savage acts. But for Roger, he wants nothing to do with civilization and rules. Simon symbolized all innocence and humanity in the group. Once he was gone, all evil broke loose and that’s when we begin to see the brutality grow. After the deaths of both Piggy and Simon, all faith for morality and compassion was lost which is displayed in Ralph’s character. The novel instructs the readers about the importance of not always following what is popular, like joining Jack’s group to hunt and have fun, because majority of the time it ends up failing or ending poorly.
The audience of the book may have a change in behavior, but positively. Being able to connect with the characters allows for more understanding of the feelings being produced from certain actions. The negative or undesired characteristic of this book is found to be the “great deal of instances of violence” and will change the way people think or behave, and therefore it is dangerous


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