The the outcomes of illnesses, he found that

The novel starts off by discussing how crucial washing hands is for prevention of diseases to grow and be passed on.

Diseases, such as pneumonia occur through these careless sanitation practices. Whenever there are peoples’ lives on the line, we forget to take care of simple sanitation, such as washing hands. The poor sanitation caused childbed fever and maternal deaths. However, when the author was trying to make a change in the outcomes of illnesses, he found that it is not beneficial to change peoples’ attitudes and behaviors on the sanitation.

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The best outcome was by using positive devience. Therefore, he further studies how many people were affected by the sanitation problems. They ran a goal of giving many people polio vaccines, which requires for people to be educated on how to give the vaccinations, for there to be a higher source of the vaccine supply, to be educated on the facts of the vaccines, and to commercialize that the vaccines will be taking place.

Therefore, not only is going about giving the vaccinations important, but it comes with a lot of behind the scenes work that leads to a higher success rate. As wars cause a lot of illnesses and deaths, there is a dramatic difference in the time to take care of a patient when they set up a surgical team and to fly the soldier back to a homeland hospital. However, as time progresses with an injury, the worse that the harm grows. Acting quicker causes for a higher chance for the patients to survive. There are many things that should be changed, which would save lives.

There are certain norms of the patient to physician actions that are not very effective to the cause. Such as having somebody else present inside their appointment causes for the patient to feel uncomfortable and hard to communicate about their problems. However, there are some benefits to having somebody else present, to take the precautions to keep the patient safe. Doctors are going to do their best they can to save people and cure their illnesses, but unfortunately, they will not always be cured. Therefore, it always results in the doctors getting sued because they do not cure the patients, even if there was not malicious intent and they tried their best.

People tend to forget that doctors are people too, and they invest in the doctors abilities to try to cure them, but it will not always work well.


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