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TheHuman Resources is a job in any business or company, the HR job is to focus onthe activities of the employees. What HR is looking, and working are the hiringof new personnel, training of current or new personnel, and employee benefits.In some business or company, they are formerly called personnel.

The companyand business are looking for Human Resources that have the skills that all HRshould have. Must of the skills are Organization, Multitasking, Negotiation,Communication, Recruiting, Screening, Scheduling, Law, Understanding People,and Sense of Fairness. The organization is to be organized in your work, workplace and life.

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Organize is like organizing files, your timing to go to placesor events. The HR must be organized because he or she is not only working inthe business or company but dealing with employees lives and careers, and whena manager requests help with a termination, a compensation recommendation,recognition program, the HR must have everything ready for the manager. TheMultitasking is a must have for all human resource, HR will deal with any employee’spersonal issue or problem, any intermittent leave questions, and a recruitingstrategy for the hard job to fill in. And that is not all they must go, use,and find out about social media, wage or hour for the employees, engagement,retention, and a lot of more thing that they must do, and everyone is importantor help someone. The Negotiation must be strong because there is often two ormore opposing views, opinions, and ideas, the HR must find a good strategy,plan or in other word find a middle ground. But not a lot of people can do thatbecause they cannot see the middle ground, or they let their feelings and theiropinions affect their judgment, in the end the HR must end up with two or moreparties that are happy with the outcome. A human resource must have strongcommunicate because they must go to managers or out looking for potentialemployees for the company, and down to all levels of business or company. Theymust be able to speak to small and big groups of people.

They must be able to convincethem, make them feel caring and most of all make them believe in their word.The Recruiting is to find new employees and convince them, is a major focus ofthe job for same HR. If they can easily talk and convince others, or explaininformation or in other word communicate clearly.  The screening is the process of reviewing aperson to go to work in a business or company or move the next level, says if anew employee want to work in the business. They must go through HR to see if they can work and have nothing on themthat can hurt the business. The Scheduling skills is needed because many HR mustjuggle and plan tasks on a team, business, and company calendar or plans andother stuff.

They must be good scheduling to be able to create a plan or acalendar that allows everyone to achieve their job, goals, and plan in a neatway and not messy.  A Human Resourcesmust know the law that can hurt the business or company from their employees orthem self. The HR must hear, look and find if the employees or the business aredoing anything that will hurt the business or company.  A HR must be understanding people, HR mustbecome skilled at understanding not only what a person is telling him.   But also, what that person is saying throughnon-verbal communications and voice inflections. This skill may help revealwhether a person is telling the truth about a problem, or even whether theemployee only wishes to get something off his chest’   HRmust have a sense of fairness.  In manyways, the HR is the organization’s conscience.

they balance the goals of thebusiness or company with the needs of the employees who work there.  Sometimes, that means advocating for workers,and other times it means enforcing the business rules. Either way, the HRconsiders what is fair, and what is consistent with the business pastpractices.


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