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The 12 best bad things that men do when masturbatingAdmin December 28, 2017 No CommentsWhat do men like the most in the world? I think the answer is masturbate. It’s our way to relax and spend an exotic moment with the help of fantasy. We all masturbate, but only a few do the right thing. Most men do not know the bad things they do while masturbating. roadDo not worry, here is the list of bad things that men do, then masturbate @ ting!1. Masturbating without enjoying is uselessWhat is left if you do not like it while you’re in love? Enjoying this way relieves stress and leaves us relaxed. Do not concentrate on spitting, concentrate on pleasure and prolong your time.about2. Go fast should not be the usual way.Once you are used to walking fast, you will prematurely ejaculate and that is enough to ruin your sex life. Try to please yourself and do it slowly.about3. Masturbation without lubricant is harmful.If you try it yourself, it will definitely cause skin irritation. You should always use lubrication and trust me, it will give you immense pleasure.about4. The best way to masturbate is with your partner.Try it with your partner and you will see a new level of eroticism. Do it often with your partner and enjoy life.about5. Frequent braking should be avoided.That will never give you satisfaction, but it will ruin your health. Do not overdo it. Overly frequent sessions should be avoided as they are detrimental to health.about6. Masturab @ ting When he is tired, he must be avoided.It will directly lower your testosterone levels and it is not good. You should not do it when you are tired because your health is in danger.7. Masturbating Public is never a good thing.It is a good thing to keep it personal and isolated. This is not an action that can be made public.about8. See P0rn every time you @@ @@ @@ is not a good option.It should not be your priority and therefore your addiction to the drug will improve. Be careful, do not look at the excess water just by masturbating yourself.about9. Masturab @ ting without focusing on other parts of the body.Touch yourself if you want to feel it. Touch is something very good when you @ te masturbate. Do it often for more pleasure.about10. Make masturbation a necessity.To make it a necessity, what every man should avoid. The addiction is never good and will lead you to catastrophic things.about11. Use toys while Msturb @ ting is not good.Why would you use a toy? They are difficult and you will feel uncomfortable, and you may end up hurting yourself.about12. Too hard squashing is not the way to go.He is not an idiot of lemon. Do not over-tighten, or you will have itchy skin.


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