The month later, Devlin told Hornbeck he

The EMGN story ¨11 kidnapped kids that who spent the longest time in captivity¨explains how Michael Devlin kidnapped 2 kids.

Michael Devlin.has plead guilty to literally everything that the world was accusing him of. Over the course of October 8th to 10th, Devlin appeared in four different courts, and between them, here is the story that he told under oath, as I’m sure most of you heard at least some of. He says that during the fall of 2002, he drove around  Franklin County looking for a kid who was alone. When he saw then Sean Hornbeck riding his bicycle alone with nobody around, he ran into the bicycle, got out to pretend to help, and forced Sean into the truck and drove off with him. He says that over the next month, he kept Hornbeck tied to the living room sofa with his mouth duct-taped shut and raped him repeatedly. Then, a month later, Devlin told Hornbeck he was going home, drove him out into the woods, and tried to strangle him.

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Hornbeck convinced Devlin to let him live, so long as he stayed with Devlin willingly and never attempted to escape. Devlin plead guilty to having sex with Hornbeck many times over the next four years, occasionally photographing and videotaping them having sex. Devlin says that in January of this year he got bored with Sean and went out looking for another kid, ending up kidnapping 13 year old Ben Ownby at gunpoint. 4 days later, because Ownby made enough noise while he was being kidnapped to attract attention to the kidnapper’s trunk, Devlin was caught and both boys were reunited with their families.Sean didn’t have stockholm because he wanted to leave. One of the main symptoms is bonding with the captor.

Developing Negative feelings towards police, and are abused by captor he has none of these symptoms of stockholm so he doesn’t have it.In the article, “Tenn. Teen Elizabeth Thomas Speaks Out Six Months After She Was Rescued from Teacher Who Allegedly Abducted Her”,  Elizabeth Thomas was 15 when she was allegedly taken by her 50 year old teacher, Tad Cummins, and held captive for 38 days. Tad, a married father of two, was recently fired from his teaching position for having an alleged relationship with Elizabeth, shortly before the abduction.

Emails have been recovered from Elizabeth and Tad, that shows they might have had some sort of romantic relationship. While being held, Elizabeth was not fed properly and had to rely on flowers for food, as well as anything she could gather. Elizabeth and Tad were found living in a shed in northern california where Elizabeth was taken home and Tad was arrested and is still serving his sentence.

Elizabeth is now attending therapy and is happy and grateful for the support of the welcoming community, but she doesn’t regret the experience but also feels that Cummins didn’t do the right thing either. I feel that in this situation Elizabeth developed partial stockholm syndrome for Tad, but I also feel that she had already developed it before she was taken. Tad had lured Elizabeth into his life even before he abducted her, causing her to fall for him romantically. This allowed Elizabeth to leave more easily with Tad when he said and to do anything else he said.

I think Elizabeth still portraits her syndrome as she says she “doesn’t regret the experience but doesn’t feel that it was the right thing to do,” on Cummin’s part. Also she, Elizabeth, feels that she is having to go through “too much” therapy. According to the article titled, “Jaycee Dugard, Her Daughters Today, and if They Ever Want to See Their Father,” Jaycee Dugard was 11 when she was kidnapped by a husband and wife and held captive in their backyard for 18 years. In that time Jaycee was sexualy assulted and abused, as well as had two children. These two children were fathered by the husband that kidnapped her, Phillip Garrido. While Jaycee and her children grew older, Jaycee tried to give her daughters that best education possible in their conditions.

With Jaycee’s fifth grade education she was limited in her teachings of her daughters. After almost two decades, the captivity ended when Philip had a scheduled parole meeting for raping a 25 year old. As they entered the meeting, Jaycee introduced herself under a fake name, but later confessed her real identity when Garrido confessed his kidnapping to his parole officer. Jaycee and her daughters now live a normal life and try to laugh at their kidnappers crazy ways, and although Jaycee does not prefer for her daughters to see their father, she intends to not hinder their own decisions. I feel that Jaycee had no form of Stockholm Syndrome, but it is somewhat unclear, as she didn’t feel anything for her captors and still doesn’t, but she also didn’t mind living there with her daughters. Although she doesn’t want to hinder her daughter’s choices, she prefers that they don’t visit their father. Jaycee and her daughters were not harmed, but try to laugh at their captors and they feel no remorse for them as they spend their time in  jail. Based on these two women’s stories, it is clear that Stockholm Syndrome varies by the person and the length of time held captive.

Elizabeth had previously developed partial Stockholm Syndrome by being lured into a relationship with the man that took her. She then stated that she “didn’t regret the experience” of being kidnapped. Jaycee on the other hand, didn’t feel any remorse for her captors and encourages her daughters to keep positive in their lives and not to visit their father.


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