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scientific research begin with “curiosity”, a very fundamental human nature,
and I find myself accoutered with the same which led me to join a master
program after a Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences course. With diligence and
perseverance; I have managed to sustain good academic record throughout my
studies, but my fascination about how cells work; how cells cross talk among
themselves to mediate cellular functions; what will happen if the cell
transportation events will not occur; how to control the cell communication
mechanisms and in specific, the role of ion channels as a key player in
regulation of cell functions, leave me unsatisfied and a quest for finding
answers to these propel me to go for higher studies and apply for PhD.

With a
research interest in physiology, I focused on the study of ion channels and
transporters and exposure to a few
courses in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Physiology
further deepened my interest. For my master’s thesis, I started working on “Molecular
and functional characterization of voltage-gated proton channel (Hv1) in bull
spermatozoa.” Using pharmacological tools, I explored the dynamic role played
by these channels and in specific, their involvement in regulating pH and
motility. Simultaneously, I am closely allied with the other group member’s
work on TRPV1 channels
which are involved in the regulation of sperm capacitation. As an active
associate in the last one year in our laboratory, I am involved in other ongoing
research works. We have characterized the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv 1.1
in bull spermatozoa by molecular and functional studies. In
addition, a paper reporting protective effects of seminal plasma proteins on
spermatozoa has been submitted to the journal by group members along with my
contribution. These experiences helped me to develop scientific writing skill which
resulted in a review article submitted by me on dynamic role of pH in
spermatozoa function.

earning experiences, knowledge and
skills I aim to establish a career in research unraveling the secrets of nature
and educating people about science as an academician. In order to achieve my
goal, I need a laboratory that complements my research interest. During the
search, I came across the webpage of Dr. Richard Martin in Biomedical Sciences
and I find his works close to my research interest. As I investigated more at the
university’s website I learned about quality education with a well structured
curriculum for the PhD program, world class equipped laboratories and working environment.
Encouragement from Dr. Richard Martin over a Skype interview along with excellent
qualities of Iowa State University bolstered my decision to apply for the PhD
program at this renowned institution.

I bring along an aptitude for learning with a strong grasp of
fundamentals and a zest for the challenges with enthusiastic desire to reach
the goal. If given an opportunity, as a graduate student with these unfailing traits,
I believe that I am ready to utilize all my physical and mental abilities to
achieve excellence in my future studies and research works. 


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