The (Chemistry) and lecturer in a school.My

The vast probability of experimenting with and the moment
information about the result that empowers one for facilitating investigation of a method of reasoning being referred to is the thing that I find most engaging in Computer Science. Keeping up a curious and
explorative state of mind, I trust, prompts a consistent learning process. This
approach adds to the officially massive potential for development that exists
in this field.

We are at present amidst a mechanical and processing,
transformation that will definitely change our lives and possibly reclassify
being human. I am extremely energized at the possibility of committing my long
haul profession in such a dynamic, quick propelling field. As far back as I was
youthful; I have appreciated fiddling with PCs and exploring different avenues
regarding diverse applications. Since my own lifetime
has basically matched with the ascent of the cutting edge registering industry,
I can detect that there are as yet gigantic advancements to come in this field.
It was normal for me to pick Computer Science as one of the subjects at school,
and now, as I close, to the finish of my school examines, it is my focal
objective to proceed with my training in a more aggressive, tip top, and
universal condition.

I am Hardik Hajela from Indore. I am pursuing my schooling
from Delhi Public School Indore.We are 4 members in the family including me .My
father is a businessman.He is an active member of ISPE (International society
of pharmaceutical Engineer).He has done some research work and published some
research papers. My mother is a HOD (Chemistry) and lecturer in a school.My
younger brother is studying in the same school.My all inspirations came from my
parents who carry brilliant professional achievements.

My academic experience thus far has provided me with a wide
range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when
studying overseas at the graduate level.As a high school student, I excelled in
subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Computers and Chemistry. My
education was not confined to books rather I was encouraged to undertake
extensive reading.I am fortunate during this time to have teachers who
saw my interest in these subjects and encouraged me to continue broadening my
scientific understanding and developing my analytical skills.It was due in
large part of guidance and advice that I chose to major in computer science at
the university.As an undergraduate, I found that I deeply enjoyed learning
about coding, software programming, My SQL, database connectivity, JAVA .ow in
addition to my specialized knowledge of computer science, I have an appreciation
for the breadth of this field and the nearly endless possibilities for further

I would like to add about my active participation in extra curricular
activities which has helped me  to
broaden my horizons.I am thankful to  my
school management and all my teachers to consider me to be representative at
MUN (Modern United nation’s conference debate,
UN).Also, I realized an art of handling responsibility with proper time
management the day when I worked as a student editor for our student council. I
played a vital role during our annual functions and on sports day in our
school.I have a passion to take up responsibilities and complete them
showcasing my art of leadership.Certificates that I have earned portray my
success story in various debates, and various quiz competitions.



Apart from participation in school activities , I have
developed some software and website which are beneficial for the police
department of Indore.I have been inculcated with ethics, cultural values and
morals since my childhood from my parents.Charity begins at home , and this is
well justified by my parents . I have been looking them doing lots of social
work from long time.I am inspired a lot by them and today I am an active member
of Anti-tobacco campaign. I,  with a team
of 5 people is creating an official
website which will be beneficial for the police
department for security check in hotel.The
 Domain of the website is: Also, in my free time I provide
tuitions to my juniors.Also I got an opportunity to get trained in
implementation of Laboratory information management system at Oasis i-tech pvt.
Ltd. Also With Primus, I learned how to implement SAP projects.


After extensive research I found my destination country to
be Canada to pursue my graduation in computer science.This country has
developed a first-rate education system with high standards. The country is an international leader
in computer and information technologies. I need a platform to utilize my
knowledge and skills in order to enhance my skills more. I want to be more
pragmatic and Canadian universities like yours will definitely cater my needs.  

Regarding my goals for the future, I plan to take what I learn
in Canada and apply it to the computing industry in my native country. This industry is rapidly growing and
shows great potential, yet compared to other, more advanced countries, it is
still in its relative infancy. By studying in your graduate program and
possibly working for a short period in the Canada, I expect to have the
expertise, the perspective, and the experience necessary to lead our industry
to a new era. I additionally have numerous companions with comparable
objectives, and I trust that we would one be able to day work together to put
our nation on the map as an innovative force in the computing world.


I'm Mary!

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