Themes the society. Love and hate go

Themes in the novel revolve around issues related to Animal rights, politics and religion. It depicts good and evil in the society and in characters. Other themes intertwined within the main themes like sexuality, revenge and body image. Good and evil are represented at various points and perceived differently by different characters. The father of Elphaba, Frex always wanted to discover about the evil and its origins. The Elphaba is called as wicked and witch but still she has many good traits and responsible attitude.

The story also shows that it is not necessary that a person is evil but sometimes society and the people can make are person to behave and act like evil. If society starts calling someone evil then a person may become an evil. It depends on the how society and your community perceive you. Elphaba, originally was not a witch or wicked woman. But as rumors started and people started calling her witch or wicked then probably she acted in the same way. As it has been known that a person’s personality depends a lot on how people perceive and think of us.

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One’s personality can change according to society and family’s perception.However, to be a good person or bad is solely dependent on person’s own choice. “”One never learns how the witch became wicked, or whether that was the right choice for her–is it ever the right choice? “” (Maguire p. 231) Religion also plays important role in delivering discrimination between good or bad.

Frex preached that good and evil are very far away from each other. Nessarose was called Wicked Witch of the West and Elphaba, the wicked witch of the East. But they both tried to be good to the society, however, did not succeed. Love and hate are one of the main and important themes of the story.Evil is caused as a result of hatred between the two or between different individuals of the society. Love and hate go side by side.

When you develop mutual understanding you love and when a misunderstanding develops it can lead to hate. It also depends on our actions and behavior. “Love makes hunters of us all. ” (Maguire P.

215) “There was much to hate in this world, and too much to love. ” (Maguire P. 228) Conclusion Society plays important role in good or evil doings. Community plays vital part because people’s perception and their attitude make a person good or bad.Elphaba was a girl instinctive with green skin color, this was the calamity of her life, for this reason her parents always hide her from this world, but when she was sent to college peoples give her the name of animal, only for her green skin she was hypothetical as the Witch of the down, as she never tried to fight against rumors which were spread about her appearance and finally she died, people only see the appearance not the inner person of a individual.ReferencesGregory Maguire, Wicked “the musical based novel”, retrieved from

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