The to have a discussion on the assignment

The most important thing that I have learnt in this class is on how to work with others and how to manage time effectively.

Group work helps me a lot on how to work with people outside my circle of friends, including those who have different backgrounds and experiences. I can even learn how to work with those who disagree with each other’s, and they might not “like” or want as friends. Besides, I learned how to manage time. For example time to attend discussion with group members. I’m sure that everyone has other responsibilities to do. So, we should know how to divide our time as best as we can.

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For example, my group wants to have a discussion on the assignment given. So, every member of my group will come to the discussion unless there are things that cannot be avoided to attend the discussion. Not only that, I also had learned about the punctuality. For example, the discussion was held at 9 PM, so I would be in the discussion maybe 5 minutes early so that I can make the preparation before the discussion. This also can have a positive impact from the views of my group members to me. The importance of time management and know on how to work with others would strike me at some point of my career. It will give me more benefit in future.

It is important to remember that no people has more time than another, that’s why good time management can make all the difference in achieving our goals. Time management is important for the future. For example, I will become an employee, so a good employee should be good at managing the time too.

I will get more done and hence I get assigned to more important projects in the future. For example, when bosses see me as an efficient worker, I will become a competitive advantage to my unit. This translates to better performance score, more trust and respect from cliques and bosses. Other than that, I will know which one needs to be a priority. Part of good time management skills involves knowing when to do what’s important and important to achieve career success.

Besides, teamwork at the workplace has also shown to increase innovation and creativity by allowing team members to bring unique and distinct perspectives to the table. When leveraged, effective teamwork drives company growth and boosts performance and success by tapping into each individual’s unique strengths and attributes for the future.


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