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The most important role a leader plays in supporting and developing the team is to provide a sense of purpose. You may support people and the team while they are developing, but you may also need to support them in other ways, professionally and technically as well as, personally.
The leader is responsible for setting and defining a common goal and engaging individuals in a team to work towards this. A leader also develops the team by coaching and training. An employee will perform better and be more engaged with their work if they feel they have opportunities to learn and develop. Making sure team members are encouraged and supported to gain new skills and develop wherever opportunities exist will also improve team loyalty, participation and raise aspirations. Some areas of our work can be repetitive and potentially boring but it is my responsibility to make this work as engaging wherever possible and by making the team aware that this is one of the foundations for our work.
Members of your team should feel confident enough that they can come and tell you about issues that may be causing them concern outside of the working environment. Conversely some may have personal issues out of work that may have an impact on their ability to do their work. As a leader you should notice if there is a change in their demeanour, by speaking to them privately you can ask if they have any concerns, even if they say no, leave them knowing that they can come to you in private and completely in confidence if they wish to discuss anything further.


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