The temple known as a popular place for

The Khmer-Thai border disputehave many effective on both country which was related to the diplomatic relationbetween both countries, citizen along the border, the death of the military andtourism in Cambodia. Firstly, the diplomatic relation between this twocountries began to fail after Preah Vihear Temple known as UNESCO’s worldheritage. Both countries had such different considering which Thailand choosethe bilateral engagement while Cambodia choose to have the diplomaticengagement internationally. This is a causes that lead Cambodia and Thailand tohave a military conflict with each other.

Secondly, the effective of thecitizen along the border which is a very hard situation for them to live in thegun fire and bombing situation, in other to survive they had to move from theirhouse to build another one in other place. Moreover, it needed some time forthe citizen on finding a place to live and it was also effect on the kid thathave to study and need a place to stay. Thirdly, focus on the death of themilitary, soon after the listing Preah Vihear Temple as a UNESCO’s worldheritage, Cambodia and Thailand military force were station into the templearea. The military buildup lead both country to have the gun fire conflict in October2008 that killed one Cambodian and two Thais army. To add more, in April2009 afterthe departed of the UNESCO mission in conducted a reinforced monitoring atPreah Vihear, the fire started again and left one Thai and two Cambodiansoldier dead. In February 2011, there were a several day of the exchange gunfire left six people dead and a lot injured. Lastly, focus on the tourism inCambodia, the temple known as a popular place for the tourist to visit becauseit is a temple on a mountain.

Because of this conflict, the Temple damaged insome part of the temple’s stone. This problem lead the temple in losing itsgrace. Moreover, the outsider countries had known there were a conflict in thetemple area which mean that the tourist would not want to visit a place thathave a conflict and this is the major cause of the effect on tourism as well.


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