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The Middle East is a significant historical region where it is the birthplace for many cultures and religions such as Judeo-Christianity and Islam. As they moved from this region, both of these religions had major impact on the history of today.

However, Judeo-Christianity and Islam have their similarities and differences in both religious beliefs and religious rituals . The Arabs like the Judeo-Christians, believed in unseen spirits such as gods, spirits, demons, and etc. The Judeo-Christians and Islam both believed that there is only one true God that sends down a messenger to observe the people of the world. The Judeo-Christians believes Jesus is to be the Son of God, the Messiah, or the last of the Hebrew prophets and the Islam believed that Muhammad was inspired by an unseen spirit. The followers between the two religions believed that if they do good deeds then they would go to Heaven (the Christian’s belief) or Paradise (the Islam’s belief).

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And the sinful one will go to hell. These religions have their own book that is believed to be words of God. Christian believe that the bible is the words of God and Muslims think that the Quran is the book that is the word of God.When the spreading of the religions across the world took place that’s when every religion had a different view of their religion. Judeo-Christianity followers were affected by Jesus’s teachings, believing him to be God in the human form, and worship him like a god.

Judeo-Christians always pray and attend mass events , believing that they can receive the body and blood of Christ through communion. Also getting baptized is believed to be a cleansing from their sins. Islams believed that Muhammad was sent to restore Islamic followers.

Followers of Islam pray 5 times a day to God and fast , which is a time when Muslims stop eating and drinking for a period of time so they can develop self-control and gain a better understanding of God’s gifts. Unlike Judeo-Christians, they do not believe that Muhammad was god, nor do they worship him. They believe that Muhammad was sent by God, but is not God. Jesus was said to be without sin, while Mohammad had sinned and asked for forgiveness. Jesus taught his followers about loving one another no matter what they do, while Muhammad taught his followers about the sets of laws and that God is one. Islam and Judeo-Christianity have practices that are needed to be in their religious community. Muslims are to practice all of the Five Pillars Of Islam, which is the five basic acts in Islam.

Each pillar is the making of a Muslim life such as prayer, concern for the needy, self-purification, and the pilgrimage. In Judeo-Christianity they practice Baptism, which is the religious rite of sprinkling water onto a person’s forehead or of immersion in water to cleanse someone from sins they’ve committed. Marriage is also another practice that is important in both religions. In Judeo-Christianity, marriage is a religious ceremony a gift from God that shouldn’t be taken for granted. In Islam, Marriage is important by The Holy Prophet Muhammad of saying that marriage is half the religion. After reading and observing Judeo-Christianity and Islam differences of religious beliefs and religious practices, the one significant thing between them is that they believed in one God and they accept the existence of him.

These two religions are known around the world and have their own views of what the worship. Judeo-Christianity and Islam have their differences and similarities with practices and beliefs, but they both are apart of the Abrahamic religions.


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