The power around the time of Giovanni

The Medici family were merchants and bankers who had enormous impacts over the city of Florence throughout the Renaissance. They managed the Medici bank, which at its peak was the biggest bank in Europe. The House Of Medici rose to power around the time of Giovanni de Medici who began the Medici bank and became leader of the merchants in Florence.

His son Cosimo continued the family’s rise to power by becoming the leader of Florence.The Medici were famous for their patronage of art throughout the Renaissance, and are said to be the reason why Florence became such a centre of the Renaissance in Italy. Patronage is a term to describe a rich person or a rich family that gives supports and making life easier for artists.

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For example, they economically help to artists for their major works of art. The Medici patronage had brought enormous effects on the Renaissance, allowing artist to give their attentions purely on their work without having to worry about financial problems. Thanks to the Medici family, a remarkable amount of the art and architecture was created in Florence toward the start of the Renaissance. Cosimo Medici followed his father’s footsteps and ruled Florence though the peak of the Renaissance. He supported many artists including the now famous Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

The powerful family ruled Florence until its decline in the late fifteenth century. In its time, the Medici family rose to positons of power throughout Europe. The Medici have been called the “godfathers of the Renaissance.” Their accumulation of power in the early fifteenth century in Florence was orchestrated by Cosimo de’ Medici even though his family started with less wealth and political clout than other families in the oligarchy that ruled Florence at the time.

During this time the Medici (with Cosimo de’ Medici playing the key role) rose in power and largely consolidated control of business and politics in Florence.


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