The main characters the sheriff Ed Tom Bell,

The film “No Country for Old Men” premiered in2007 under the direction of Coen brothers.

The film got inspiration from CormacMcCarthy’s novel “No Country for Old Men”. The film mainly focuses on threemain characters the sheriff Ed Tom Bell, a psychopathic killer Anton Chigurhand a hunter Llewelyn Moss. The setting of the film is the 1980’s Texas.Llyewelyn Moss one of the main characters in the film is a hunter as well aswelder and during one of his hunting trips to the desert he comes across a drugdeal gone wrong.

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He discovers several dead bodies in the scene, including adog. As he inspects the scene, he comes across a man of Mexican descent who hassevere wounds. The man asks Moss for water and in the process, he discoversthat he is holding a briefcase, which had $2Million.

He takes the briefcasefrom the Mexican man and heads to his trailer. He fails to inform the policeabout the incident but later returns to bring the injured Mexican man wateralthough a track with two men pursues him and he manages to escape.                           After thisincident, Moss sends his wife away and hides in a motel in Del Rio since heknew that the owner of the money would send people after him. His fears areconfirmed when Chigurh a Psychopathic killer hunts for Moss to recover themoney. In the process of recovering the money, several people lose their lives.Chigurh finally catches up with Moss and both get injuries in a gunfight.

Mossis taken to the hospital and there he meets Wells who is hired by the owner ofthe moneyto replace Chigurh who has gone out of control however, Chigurh laterkills Wells. Sheriff Bells investigates the massacre in the hotel where Chigurhhad murdered the Mexicans although he never manages to crack the case. Chirguhon the other hand threatens Moss’s wife and after getting into an accident, hedecides to flee.

“No Country for Old Men”highlights different themes in the development of the plot and fate is one ofthem. In the film, several things influence the fate of the characters.


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