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The motivation of the gore people to the hierarchy of needs hierarchy established by Maslow is based on the needs of the individual rather than the external factors. These needs, which come from within the quiche, are grouped in a hierarchy. In other words, factors such as reward or punishment from the outside are not very effective on motivation according to this establishment.According to Maslow’s theory, people’s needs are limitless, and there is a need after a human need is overcome. It is not possible to be completely satisfied in the process of dealing with a need.Maslow’s hierarchy of needs;1) Physiological needs: starvation, thirst and other similar essential needs2) Safety Needed: Protection from external factors3) Social Needs: Participation, love, acceptance, social life, etc.

4) Appreciation / Reputation Needs: Status, achievement, reputation, recognition5) Self Realization: Development, successful completion of a job, creativity Maslow ordered these 5 groups as steps of a pyramid, perhaps as a level or a step. When the above hierarchy is considered, there is physiological needs at the lowest level. That is, there are second level basic needs such as breathing in order for a person to survive, beginning with basic physical needs such as sleeping sleep, and then ensuring health, hygiene or anxiety. After Maslow’s 3rd Love, it can be said that social needs are gaining importance now. For example, it defines the 2nd and 3rd Levels of the need for a person to be a member of a social person, or even to gain respect in this society. According to Maslow, the needs at the very top are the need for the spiritual structure of the person and the inner self, virtue, acceptance of the facts, and objective.

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It means the area that someone can reach and push their borders.The prominence of the hierarchy is that a deficit or problem that occurs at any level prevents the person from reaching a higher level. For example, it is not possible to talk about property security for a person who can not afford to eat. Similarly, it is not possible for a person who has no respect for him to be creator-possessed.It can also be said that the hierarchy has a deterministic approach. So if a person complies with a level requirement, according to Maslow, the person will automatically be directed to a higher level needs.


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