The marathon runners immediately started

“On your mark , set , go !”The marathon runners immediately started off . Under a hot sun, I stood beside the sports track to watch the race quietly, I didn*t cheer for the runners on . In fact, marathon was an exhausting sporting event.The audience at the stadium rooting for at their favourite competitor . However, the runners were not distracked by the spectators. They concentrated on the race instead. Did they hear any cheerful voices? Surely I saw the smile on their faces.

Immediately, the spectacle of the marathon race struck me. I gradually understood its meaning . It was simply a sport ,but one that improved my understanding of life. I realized that I must begin with knowledge that may be uninteresting in itself. All of the marathon runners were trying their best to complete the race, even though they felt very exhausted. The race was spectacular .

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From the beginning to the end, the runners showed a lot of energy, just like a meteor shower shining through the dark. So I recognized the need to remain energetic to fulfill my lifelong goal.Sometimes, people are easily discouraged by trivial problems. However in the race, all of the competitors were continuously on the move.

They were running as fast as they could till the end. Similarly, I*m like a marathon runner whose life is on a move. So I should never feel frustrated by any difficulties and should always strive to keep up my standard.No matter whether it*s raining or shining, marathon runners will not slacken their pace. They are ready for the next challenge and compete in other races. Obviously, they are strong and are determined to achieve their goal.

Whenever I see them racing, I simultaneously feel a great sense of purpose. My lifelong goal will definitely materialize if I persevere. Only purpose and strength can lead to success.Category: Miscellaneous


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