The that black spot was Orion’s head. Orion’s

The Olympian FlawsMany years ago, all that existed was Chaos. Then out of emptiness appeared Erebus, Night and Depth. The fusion of these two came Eros, which was love. The Greeks believed Eros was able to guide an ordered universe out of Chaos. He conducted the first marriage between Uranus and Gaea, the sky and the earth.

The two ended up possessing many different types of offsprings. Uranus feared his children would overthrow him so, he buried his children alive. Gaea was unhappy with this so, she planned with Cronus to overthrow Uranus. Cronus killed his father with a long, curved knife and took his father’s position. Cronus married his sister, Rhea, and had twelve children together.

He also feared his children would overthrow him so, he decided to eat them but, Rhea was determined to save one. Rhea saved Zeus by feeding him a stone wrapped in a blanket. Zeus pretended to be a page and fed Cronus emetic causing him to throw up all his eleven children. A war developed between the children and Cronus and after ten years, Zeus was victorious.

This was the beginning of the Greek Gods. Many look up to them, but many do not know they have many flaws.Firstly, one of the many flaws the Greek Gods acquired was cruelty. One example of cruelty is how the gods acted towards each other.

The gods and goddesses laughed at Hephaestus. They laughed at him because he was a cripple. The gods and goddesses made him the butt of many cruel jokes. Hephaestus being a cripple cause Zeus to never have children with Hera again.

 Another example of cruelty was how Apollo tricked Artemis to shoot Orion. Apollo waited for Orion to go far at sea and when he did, Apollo tricked Artemis by saying “Show me what you can do. Can you hit that black spot far at sea?” Little did Artemis know, that black spot was Orion’s head. Orion’s body was revealed and Artemis realized what she had done. Artemis was devastated. As a result of this evidence, it proves that one of the flaws the gods have is cruelty.


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