The on that night The Titanic sank. There

The Titanic is a ship that started
getting built in 1909 and was launched in 1911. It weighed over 52 tons and was
said to be “unsinkable.” The ship cost 7,500,000 to build it. Four days after
being launched the ship hit into an iceberg. Three hours later the ship was
sunk killing 1,503 men, women, and children. About 700 came out alive and have
told their stories. The man in charge of the ship at the time took a little too
much time deciding to change course and that time is why the ship hit the
iceberg. Along with the passengers that got taken was the captain of The
Titanic and the main architect. Of all the crew 76 percent died in the sinking
of The Titanic with still 212 of them coming out alive.

Titanic Exhibit represents this tragedy and educates people about the facts of
that night. Divers and other ships have gone down and gotten some picture and
artifacts that are now on display. Sense being opened The Titanic Exhibit-Las
Vegas has had more than 25 million people visit making it the most attended Exhibit
in history. The Exhibit has 250 artifacts (it is said thought that they might
be over 300 now) gotten back from the ship and rooms they have recreated to
make you feel like you were actually there. They are open from ten A.M. to ten
P.M. every day. The Exhibit is a whole 25000-square-feet. It includes things
such as luggage, floor tiles, a window frame, etc. They just newly put in the
outer Promenade Deck where they make it feel exactly how cold it felt on that
night The Titanic sank. There is also a full scale Grand Staircase so “passengers”
can see how beautiful the ship was and how long they spent building it. Also,
they have fully furnished first and third class rooms that you can walk through
just to see the difference between the two and to see what the conditions of
these rooms and what exactly was lost on the night of April 1912. One of the biggest
parts of the ship that was ever recovered was the hull of the ship. It weighed
about 15 tons by itself and now can be seen at The Titanic Exhibit in Las
Vegas. Before taking off The Titanic was said to be “unsinkable” but when the
ship hit an iceberg on April 1912, it did not even last for three hours before
sinking. As well as all the people we lost a lot of expensive décor, jewelry,
etc was lost that night too, but some were found later. Among those things is seven
paper and textile items that will only be on display for a short period of
time. Also, there is a famous locket that was from a passenger who survived but
lost her husband on display at The Exhibit. Although, the exhibits have a lot
of other artifacts on display stuff like paper and textiles is rarely found.  

admission for this amazing experience is $32.00 normally with discounts for
seniors, children, locals, and combo tickets. You can buy an audio guide at the
front and while walking through it will tell you the history of each room and
artifact that you see. The Exhibit is even open on holidays such as Christmas.
At the end of The Exhibit you will get information on the boarding pass given
to you at the beginning. You will see how old you were, what class you were in,
and if you got off the ship and lived, or if you died.  In October, they have ghost tours at The
Titanic Exhibit where employees will dress up as passengers and tell you
stories of the passenger. 


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