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The purpose of this report is to become familiar with the copyright infringements as detailed in Australian Copyright Act and to develop a policy for management that helps to prevent copyright violation in a company. The main objectives are to identify the areas of concerns and make recommendations regarding prevention of infringement.

In this report, the Copyright Act is been researched for copyright infringement. The actions, offences, penalties and remedies in case of breach of copyright to be researched and analysed and summarized.The copyright of any work is infringed when the work is used by the person who is not actually the owner of that work without the permission of the work owner it could be any work as described under copyright act e.g. literary, musical, film, program etc.,According to a report published online, 43% of consumers used some content illegally which includes Movies, Music, TV Programmes and Video Games.Businesses that depend on inventive activity, especially the film, music and programming ventures, that copyright infringement in Australia is common.

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However there is a lack of information on the type and level of copyright violation in Australia, and the little that exists proposes that by world guidelines. Here we discuss the degree and nature of the violation in areas of concern what sorts and size of copyright infringement in Australia.The Movies has the highest rate of infringement in Australia. When movies purchased, rent, or acquired on DVD or tape of a motion picture (or some other audio or visual work) made by another person, it usually just the duplicate, and it will not convey the hidden copyright rights to the film. It absolutely allowed to watch the film as private use, beyond that it allows very limited rights by law. Specifically, the person doesn’t have the privilege to demonstrate the film to “people in general.

” In many cases, doing that requires a different “public performance” permit from the copyright owner. The make copies of this material for the purpose of selling, distributing and use for a commercial deal for the infringed copies results penalties of heavy fines and imprisonment of up to 5 years.Music Piracy is the biggest concern these days large number of music is used without permission of the owner or licensee in Australia and all over the world. In a number of cases, there is a deliberate act of infringement is involved whereas in some cases people are not actually aware of the law. There are few conditions in which people can use copyright music for free or with some terms.Record stills have the same copyright as their original material.

 Copied works are in general not permitted without the permission of the copyright owner, except in the case of Fair Use.One of the copyright infringement in the online world the piracy of computer software classified in a number of forms. Two kinds of infringements that are unique to computer software are end-user piracy and hard disk loading.Hard disk loading’ refers to a practice by some computer manufacturer and supplier, where pirated copies of software are installed on to the hard disk of a computer. While  ‘End-user piracy’ represents the practice common in large companies, where a person of the company makes pirated or infringed copies of a software program or application, for use by other people in the company.

End-user piracy avoids the need to get sufficient licences for all users in the company. End-user piracy has usually been the business software industry’s worst problem. 


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