The main idea of global citizenship is being

The main idea of global citizenship is being responsible and active member of the global community. To me a global citizen is a citizen of the world. These people show a great interest in exploring new countries and cultures and meeting new people of diverse backgrounds, accordingly he is aware of current affairs and global issues and aspire to make difference. From my early childhood I have tended to broaden my horizon and expand my knowledge. In particular, I have always been willing to travel to foreign countries and get to know their way of living. I was fortunate enough to share the room with participants from different countries such as Germany, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and so on when I took part in Brazilian science and technological fair MOSTRATEC-2017 where all of us presented own projects in mathematics and physics.

Aside from winning the second place, it was a significant experience for me to share ideas and thoughts about what’s happening in the globe, and without a doubt to inquire about their history, traditions, customs and to tell about ours, indeed thus we would have a better understanding of one another. Besides that experience I have had such conversations with local people in Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey, and it turned out that there were no barriers between us even if we grew a thousand miles away from each other.   I am convinced that a global citizen is seen as one who sees no division within themselves and “others”, he must include the passion for accepting others beside himself. I take it for granted as I was brought up in cosmopolitan society built by diverse cultures, where people treat each other equally and have respect towards one another. I have studied at Kazakh-Turkish lyceum for five years. Thence there are people of different nationalities, religions, races and ethnicities in my circle of friends and close acquaintances, including my close friend, who moved from Tajikistan to Kazakhstan for studying purpose two years ago, with whom I have a lot in common and share the same views.

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Our cultural diversity made our social life at school even more vivid and engaging. We hold various events and concerts, that give us chance to perform and show our talents, I am keen on playing the piano, someone is into reading poems or singing. Moreover, we are interested in various sports such as swimming, skiing, tennis and train together. Apparently our close ties make our cultural differences fade away. I hold the view that global citizen is that of people putting aside religion and political views that cause so much controversy in the world we live in.

What should be recognized are morals and common views that everyone can somewhat seem to agree on. Undoubtedly the expansion and assimilation of the digital world made it easy for us to communicate with people all over the world. As I make some effort to improve my English and to be up-to-date on the latest world news I keep in touch with my foreign friends from the USA, Germany, Canada via social networks. We even entertain ourselves playing computer games online from time to time. I like the way we joke with each other since our sense of humor differs our conversation gets even more joyful. I have realized that in spite of our diverse backgrounds we see the world as a community in which all people have to live and prosper together, giving a hand to each other and we have to understand how our actions contribute to the values of the entire world.


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