The two people with deep attachments to

The simplest and most wonderful way of expressing love to
someone is simply by giving them a kiss. But, how many of us know the different
types of kiss one can share to their loved ones. Whether it be a kiss to
friends, kids or to the other half, one can share his/her kiss to the other
depending on the intentions and relations.

Forehead kiss:

It is a kiss that is given on the
forehead usually to show affection and care. It is a kiss that shows strong
emotional attachment among people.

The Hand kiss:

This is a kiss usually made on a person
hand to show respect, or also be regarded as a greeting.

Cheek kiss:

A kiss offered on cheeks to closely
attached people is a cheek kiss. It is also used on someone cute and dear.

The Eskimo kiss

When a person rubs his nose onto the
other person’s, such a kiss is termed as The Eskimo kiss. It is usually shared
among elders and babies.

The Air kiss

Some people deliver this kiss among
friends and families by resting their cheeks onto the other and produce a sound
as while kissing. It is usually made while greeting one another.

French kiss

Usually termed as “tongue kiss”, a French
kiss an intimate kiss, which is shared between two people with deep attachments
to one other. It is done between people in love or relationships.

Single lip kiss

A single lip kiss delivers strong
emotional feeling to the partner as it requires one to press the lips of
another between his/her lips and gently suck it.

The Biting kiss

It is a kiss that is made with the use
of both tongue and teeth. It is delivered by making a French kiss and
simultaneously biting the tongue in a gentle way.

Neck kiss

When someone gives a kiss on the neck
region using their lips and slight bit of tongue, it is regarded as a neck


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