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The metal manganese was created by Johann Gahn in Sweden, the year of 1774. He lessened dioxide with charcoal by heating them up together and the end result was manganese. Manganese is known to help with bone structure and metabolism, and also it helps to create needed enzymes for building bones. If we lack this body producing metal, it could affect our sugar levels because it controls our level of sugar in our blood, which controls the fact if you could get diabetes or not.

Beneficial foods we can eat to provide manganese are raspberries, pineapples, garlic, grapes, green beans,etc. Our bodies must have 20 mg of manganese, which focuses on the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and bones. It is very important to help function our brain and nervous system too. As research has discovered, every form of life needs manganese. If you receive too much manganese, it could cause you to have high blood pressure, heart ailments, muscular contraction, high cholesterol, and much much more. To prevent you from being a victim, calcium and iron are believed to prevent these side effects, with appropriate use of course.

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Manganese is a gray-white solid with the atomic mass of 54.938 and the atomic number of 25. It is very hard and brittle, it also is sometimes mistaken for iron. The word actuallys originates from the Latin word “mangnes” which means “magnet”. Health benefits from manganese are healthy bones, disease prevention, control over sugar level, and prevention of epileptic seizures.

Manganese has radicals that are capable of damaging human cells causing cancer, so just know it’s important to not consume it often. To prevent a disease like diabetes, manganese normalizes insulin synthesis and secretion providing a more normal and functional life for diabetics. At the same, if you have low levels of manganese, it can trigger epileptic seizures. It’s not proven how, but researchers think it works as a vasodilator.


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