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Thedishwasher is a motorized or mechanical or machine-driven equipment used forcleaning different types tableware for better efficiency, quality and savestime.

It cleans the tableware by spraying water at the tableware with highertemperature which approximately ranges between 40 – 70 Degree Celsius and ondelicate tableware we use water with lower temperature. Themixture/combination of dishwasher’s cleansing agent and H2O (water) is sprayedon the tableware with an immense force through one or multiple rotational sprayingarms. Once the initial basic cleansing process is completed, then we drain thecleansing mixture.

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Hot water is then added to the tank through an electro-solenoidand then secondary process (rinse cycle) begins. As soon as the secondaryrinsing process is completed, we drain the water again and dry the tablewareusing one of the drying methods. (Note: Rinse-Aid agent is used to lower theextra strain/tension on tableware which occurs through the force of water andthus, avoiding extra damage on the cutlery or crockery.              TYPES OF DISHWASHERUndercounter Dishwasher:  These type ofdishwasher is a good options for small operations as they consume less space andhas capacity similar to the dishwasher which we use in our residence. These mayhave doors and container type tableware washer is also available. These type ofdishwasher can only process up to 36 racks per hour and its suitable for anestablishment or organisation like small diners or bar which serve less than100 meals per hour. Single and Double Rack Door Type Dishwasher:  These dishwasheris exactly as it sounds. These machine is placed on stands and has a sectionswith multiple doors on either side to load or unload the racks with tablewarein it.

These also has wash arms which power the machine to clean the dishesmore effectively.   Conveyor Type Dishwasher:  Just as it sounds as it has a conveyor belt tocarry the dishes from spraying arms to the heater and then to dryer. Thesetypes of dishwasher have capacity of cleaning over 200 racks filled withtableware.

Noble Ware Washing machine is widely used and the temperaturevariation is similar to Single and Double Rack Door Type Dishwasher. Flight TypeDishwasher: These type is customized as per therequirement of the particular establishment or the organisation and itsavailable in different patters and designs. These doesn’t require much manual involvementas it has conveyor belt installed in it which carries the tableware without anyassistance of washing racks as it automatically carries the dishes through themachine. These machinery is used majorly in large organisations like Hotels,Hospitals, Universities, Banquet Hall, etc. Ware washingChemicals Before buying machine dishwashing chemicalsone needs to make sure that the chemicals are compatible with both washing cycle/systemand tableware that you are using for cleaning.

While using machines with lowtemperature than one needs to make sure that the chemicals we are using doesclean the tableware properly and we must check it after every use.


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